Mt Toby Trail Race

Running Route

13.42 mi
1,984 ft
Created By
Patrick Pezzati

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mt Toby trail race the climbing part6.70 mi1,063 ft2.9%
Mt Toby Trail Run13.39 mi-1,106 ft-0.2%
N Mountain Rd Climb0.89 mi233 ft5.0%
Montague Rd Climb0.35 mi141 ft7.4%
Reservation Rd up Tower to Toby Summit2.77 mi958 ft6.5%
Long Plain Road Climb0.88 mi341 ft7.3%
N Mountain Rd Climb1.80 mi804 ft8.5%
Tower Road1.35 mi574 ft7.6%
climb 40.98 mi472 ft9.1%
Tower Fence back DOWN!!!2.29 mi-869 ft-7.1%
Mt Toby trail race the descending part6.65 mi-1,037 ft-2.9%
Mt. Toby Access Road end section0.54 mi56 ft0.4%
Montague Rd Climb0.46 mi220 ft9.0%
cranberry ridge climb0.53 mi256 ft9.1%