Past Month

Hilly Kingdom (RC)

Cycling Route

36.4 mi
3,315 ft
Created By
Angela D e

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
The first leg0.25 mi23 ft1.4%
Turners Hill Road Climb0.42 mi131 ft5.8%
Saint Hill reverse 0.67 mi-43 ft-0.4%
Race around Deers Leap0.66 mi26 ft0.4%
W Hoathly Rd Descent0.39 mi-138 ft-6.3%
EGCC Hill Climb1.52 mi361 ft4.3%
EGCC Hill Climb First Half0.76 mi207 ft5.1%
EGCC small interval0.31 mi105 ft6.4%
EGCC Hill Climb Second Half0.74 mi154 ft3.5%
Hindleap Lane1.07 mi66 ft1.1%
The Hatch run2.29 mi-269 ft-2.2%
Coleman's Sprint0.32 mi-62 ft-2.2%
Colemans bump0.10 mi36 ft6.6%
Chuck Hatch Hill0.72 mi230 ft6.1%
chuck up to black out1.85 mi282 ft2.7%
kidds to black turn0.80 mi36 ft0.5%
Sprint Zone 20.56 mi-26 ft-0.7%
Black Hill to Friars Gate2.61 mi-512 ft-3.4%
Black Hill Descent5.66 mi-564 ft-1.6%
Black Hill 505ft Descent2.31 mi-505 ft-4.1%
Friars Gate Stretch1.02 mi157 ft2.7%
Friar's to Groom2.61 mi-233 ft-0.0%
Lye Green Kicker0.35 mi108 ft5.7%
Evolution Ramp0.44 mi69 ft2.6%
Cherry Gardens Descent0.94 mi-226 ft-4.6%
Railway Bridge Ramp0.21 mi52 ft4.5%
Withyham Rd to Groombridge descent0.53 mi-62 ft-2.2%
Col de Groombridge0.45 mi161 ft6.8%
Stone Cross – Hedge Barton0.64 mi-66 ft-1.7%
Swoop down from Fordcombe0.70 mi-226 ft-6.1%
Hill in the Corner0.32 mi108 ft6.3%
King of the Kingdom0.81 mi197 ft4.6%
Col du PORC to Uckfield Lane3.53 mi318 ft1.6%
Grove Hill0.79 mi226 ft5.3%
grove rd to oakenden lane0.64 mi75 ft2.1%
Hoath Pump 0.64 mi49 ft0.8%
Markbeech Dash2.35 mi75 ft0.5%
Into the bushes0.32 mi16 ft1.0%
Cowden Pound1.18 mi30 ft0.2%
Markbeech pub to Cowden pub2.72 mi-197 ft-1.3%
Kentish Horse to Hartfield Road0.77 mi43 ft0.1%
Sharp bit up Spode0.20 mi56 ft4.1%
Furnace / Smithers Lane2.05 mi128 ft1.2%
Smithers Lane Ramp0.25 mi39 ft3.0%
Shepherds Grove Lane kick-up0.34 mi105 ft5.1%
Holtye Road0.72 mi92 ft2.4%
Bacon to the Pond express0.86 mi-98 ft-2.1%
Col du East Court0.24 mi66 ft4.9%
Top of East G0.23 mi10 ft0.2%