12.7m TT

Cycling Route

12.68 mi
558 ft
Created By
Ian McDonnell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
BRCC 1z/3.7m Hillfoot TT3.71 mi167 ft0.4%
BRCC HQ to base of Hillfoot2.28 mi69 ft0.6%
Cardington To Hillfoot2.67 mi174 ft1.2%
Cardington up to Warden3.94 mi171 ft0.5%
CardTest1.98 mi66 ft0.6%
Sprint segment (with the ramp up)0.19 mi7 ft0.6%
Hillfoot1.42 mi174 ft2.3%
King of Hillfoot0.66 mi135 ft3.8%
Hillfoot - Rising0.32 mi92 ft5.3%
Hillfoot Steep Bit0.24 mi85 ft6.5%
hillfoot summit to dangerous junction1.22 mi-89 ft-1.2%
Manor Wood Reverse1.02 mi-92 ft-1.7%
Southill Sawmills strip0.40 mi13 ft0.4%
Ireland, Railway Bridges0.45 mi49 ft1.4%
Col de Ireland0.37 mi43 ft2.2%
Phew0.15 mi-16 ft-1.9%
Tankslapper TT0.61 mi13 ft0.1%
Southill Corner0.50 mi-36 ft-1.2%
The real Nicks KOM1.09 mi-89 ft-1.4%
White Horse to Old Warden1.83 mi-89 ft-0.1%
What happened to Eric?0.43 mi-20 ft-0.5%
MB TT Sprint1.00 mi49 ft0.6%
Warden Approach0.94 mi72 ft0.6%
Keepers Reverse0.45 mi82 ft3.5%
Old Warden Hill0.31 mi30 ft1.4%
Manor Wood0.87 mi82 ft1.8%
Bunny Lane to the Finish3.14 mi-184 ft-0.8%
Hillfoot reverse climb0.44 mi46 ft2.0%
Cardington Sprint2.78 mi-184 ft-1.2%
Southhill Rd1.97 mi-177 ft-1.7%
Southill Road Descent1.02 mi-164 ft-3.0%
Hillfoot zooommm0.55 mi-118 ft-4.0%
Southhill Road1.82 mi-33 ft-0.3%
Cardington Sprint0.36 mi-7 ft-0.4%