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Montara Half Marathon

Running Route

12.76 mi
3,093 ft
Created By
Stephanie-Jo Peterson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
IT BEGINS. Montara Mountain3.30 mi1,594 ft9.1%
Brooks Creek ascent1.05 mi620 ft11.2%
Parking lot to San Pedro2.14 mi1,152 ft10.2%
San Pedro to Montara Mountain North Peak (via Trout Creek)3.49 mi1,693 ft9.2%
Old Trout Farm to N. Access Peak Rd. Climb2.51 mi1,194 ft9.0%
Brooks Creek from Mountain Lion Warning to San Pedro Mt Rd Climb1.07 mi518 ft9.2%
Unnamed Road Climb0.22 mi164 ft13.8%
Montara Mtn Trail to Summit Fork0.99 mi413 ft7.8%
San Pedro Mountain Rd Climb0.36 mi180 ft9.3%
A summit downhill segment that doesn't suck1.01 mi-404 ft-7.5%
Montara full DH to San Pedro Valley parking lot3.48 mi-1,565 ft-8.5%
Wheeeeeee!3.44 mi-1,578 ft-8.7%
Montara Mtn Trail to Brooks Creek descent1.01 mi-558 ft-10.5%
Brooks Creek Initial Descent!0.29 mi-190 ft-12.3%
Montara Mtn Trail San Pedro Descent2.31 mi-1,188 ft-9.7%
just go1.18 mi-515 ft-8.2%
Montara mountain road last descent to parking1.29 mi-587 ft-8.6%
Montara Mountain 10K5.62 mi-899 ft-0.0%
Valley View Climb0.83 mi427 ft9.7%
Valley View Tr Descent0.55 mi-358 ft-12.2%
Weller Ranch 0.31 mi39 ft2.0%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.40 mi154 ft6.9%
Hazelnut climb 1.64 mi797 ft9.1%
Unnamed Road Climb0.35 mi243 ft12.8%
Unnamed Road Climb0.27 mi154 ft10.8%
Downhill to the parking lot1.86 mi-879 ft-9.0%
Final Mile Descent1.07 mi-659 ft-11.6%