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Wander Dust | Day 1 - Day 10 | Melbourne - Wangaratta

Cycling Route

732.14 km
11,690 m
A 10-day bikepacking adventure across the Australian Alps, also known as the High Country.
Created By
Kasper V

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Over the Bridge Sprint0.62 km-17 m-0.9%
DC_Leg21.56 km-13 m-0.8%
Main Yarra HC0.23 km14 m5.3%
Belford rd to Yarra bridge - Crank it loud..!1.90 km-20 m-1.1%
A less shit version of 'Col de Columba'0.96 km22 m2.3%
Blackwood Ave Climb0.60 km-20 m-2.5%
Big Pats Creek - Smyth Road climb11.83 km569 m4.7%
Dargo HIll Climb10.70 km857 m8.0%
Mt Hotham decent 10km to bottom 10.68 km-640 m-6.0%
Meg TO H,Ville Descent5.08 km-339 m-6.7%
ACE250 Slap the mother, wind her up and bring it home baby5.01 km-33 m-0.7%
Sprint to 80 sign. 0.50 km-4 m-0.8%
Great Alpine Rd Climb0.52 km-24 m-2.3%
JW15 Australian Hillclimb TT Championships5.51 km64 m0.6%
Caravan Rush0.23 km-2 m-0.7%
U17M TT10.36 km300 m2.8%
Aust Junior Hill Climb Champ TT 20147.11 km154 m2.2%
Lot 1 Mt Buffalo Rd Climb0.40 km29 m6.3%
Mt Buffalo Rd Climb1.41 km80 m5.7%
Mt Buffalo - Ticket Box to Eurobin Point6.32 km390 m5.9%
Mackey Time11.01 km591 m5.4%
Mt Buffalo18.02 km1,014 m5.6%
Wednesday Climb2.05 km116 m5.6%
7 Peaks – Mt Buffalo Chalet (Official)20.46 km1,015 m5.0%
Lot 2 Mt Buffalo Rd Climb1.15 km93 m7.8%
Eurobin Falls to Rollson Falls6.40 km367 m5.7%
Mount Buffalo Road Climb0.55 km109 m19.6%
Mount Buffalo Road Climb0.36 km89 m24.7%
Mt Buffalo Rd Climb1.11 km122 m11.0%
Mt Buffalo Rd Climb1.56 km98 m6.2%
Mt Buffalo Rd Climb1.84 km115 m6.2%
Mt Buffalo - Back Half6.61 km379 m5.7%
Crystal Brook Rd Climb0.64 km80 m12.4%
Mt Buffalo descent18.27 km-939 m-5.1%
Buffalo last 10k Descent9.98 km-560 m-5.6%
Great Lady Bath Fall Down2.05 km-112 m-5.4%
Mt.Buffalo waterfall to Porepunka8.05 km-157 m-1.9%
Churchhill to Tawonga Gap Rd4.50 km49 m0.9%
Tawonga Gap from Bright, Vic18.32 km562 m3.1%
Great Alpine Road Climb0.82 km101 m12.2%
Tawonga Gap (From Bright Side)13.94 km554 m3.9%
Tawonga Gap to 8km7.99 km142 m1.8%
Tawonga Gap 4km-9km5.01 km156 m3.1%
Tawonga Gap (Bright side)5.82 km387 m6.6%
Tarwonga Gap Rd Climb0.81 km45 m3.4%
Tarwonga Gap Rd Climb0.66 km95 m14.3%
Grape Sign to Summit (Final 2K)1.94 km129 m6.6%
Tawonga Descent towards Mt Beauty7.53 km-457 m-6.1%