VIC100 - 100km/2200m

Cycling Route

100.24 km
2,184 m
Created By
Ed Kirk
October 22, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jamison Rd Climb0.68 km94 m13.7%
Velcome To Holland 0.72 km-5 m-0.4%
KFC to big Roundabout3.38 km-6 m-0.1%
Hight St - Cranebrook Road5.07 km-18 m-0.3%
Castlereagh Dash1.45 km-5 m-0.2%
CRR to Devlin Rd9.27 km37 m0.1%
Cranebrook to Agnes Banks14.79 km-20 m-0.0%
Flats Castlereagh Rd Northbound (to hall)6.86 km16 m0.1%
Cranebrook Rd Climb0.41 km7 m1.0%
Castlereagh IP1.85 km-8 m-0.4%
Castlereagh Hill0.63 km17 m2.4%
North Richmond Slam2.29 km-4 m-0.2%
Bridge Sprint0.38 km-4 m-1.1%
Time for a schooner0.43 km15 m2.5%
Bridge to the Pub0.25 km13 m5.0%
Northo to Bowen Mtn9.79 km179 m1.8%
Grose Start1.53 km40 m2.6%
Psychological Hill1.39 km42 m3.0%
Kingsford Smith launch0.95 km20 m1.7%
Grose Wold - Westbound5.63 km124 m1.0%
Nothing Grose about this Wold5.49 km124 m1.1%
Grose Wold flat stick1.26 km-58 m-4.6%
Mt Grose2.21 km84 m3.8%
Gross Wold to Bowen Mt Turnoff5.77 km177 m3.0%
High open vulgar climb3.82 km116 m2.9%
The Last Pitch0.82 km42 m5.1%
MIA- who put this hill here2.03 km122 m6.0%
Olds Bells to lookout3.65 km314 m8.6%
Mini Bellbird 1.87 km198 m10.6%
Bellbird extended4.00 km330 m8.2%
ONSLUT WAS HERE HA HA HA!1.34 km-74 m-5.5%
Sprint to Pattersons6.28 km-86 m-0.6%
OZPR WAS HERE!1.19 km-66 m-5.5%
Hanlons Road Climb1.49 km135 m9.1%
Ramones to Bell weigh station 29.62 km435 m1.3%
Bells Line Of Rd Climb2.41 km97 m3.9%
Mt Tomah2.50 km197 m7.9%
Bells Line Of Rd Climb1.43 km134 m9.4%
Bells Line Of Rd Climb1.36 km126 m9.2%
Life Insurance Segment.1.77 km-117 m-6.2%
Mt Bell Climb0.54 km124 m22.9%
Bells Line Of Rd Climb0.48 km116 m23.7%
MT Wilson to Bell7.25 km101 m1.2%
Darling Causeway South Bound9.45 km-70 m-0.4%
Bell to PYC7.93 km-73 m-0.5%