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23.96 km
1,149 m
‘Flying Colours’ first edition turns VIRTUAL and will take you through Hong Kong Island between November 28 and December 27, 2020. This new race is brought to you by Couleurs de Chine, a charity that promotes education of ethnic minority girls in Guangxi province since 1998. Open to families with a 10 km trail, Flying Colours will also satisfy more experienced runners with a 22 km (1 ITRA point to gain), or those of you who are in for a challenge with a 50 km trail (awarding 3 ITRA points).
Created By
Sam Tam
November 16, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
reservoir to car park0.28 km44 m15.6%
Jardines Lookout (from south)1.02 km172 m16.8%
KOTH HK (Half) CP1 to CP22.31 km150 m4.9%
畢拉山道160號 Climb1.06 km121 m11.3%
Mt Butler Rd Climb0.37 km54 m14.6%
Jardine's to Siu Ma Shan - Peak to Peak1.59 km-132 m-0.6%
HKHIKING Jardine's to Catchwater Plummet0.54 km-125 m-22.9%
Descent from JL to MB 0.55 km-123 m-22.2%
Jardine's Lookout Downhill to Mt Butler0.57 km-130 m-22.9%
Delf climb0.51 km102 m19.4%
Siu Ma Shan Climb (first part)0.56 km96 m16.7%
柏架山道 Climb0.36 km105 m28.6%
柏架山道 Climb0.38 km104 m27.3%
HK Trail (Section 5) to Wilson Trail (Section 2) Downhill1.08 km-127 m-8.3%
Mt Parker Rd Climb0.43 km41 m9.5%
Wilson Trail (Section 2) Downhill (to Jogging Trail)1.40 km-200 m-11.7%
Siu Ma Shan down (Quarry Bay bound)1.06 km-201 m-18.9%
Quarry Bay Tree Walk1.15 km-90 m-7.8%
漁護處0.18 km52 m27.5%
Cecil's to Parker 3way (Base of Butler)1.23 km123 m9.9%
KOTH HK (Half) CP4 to CP54.18 km-173 m-3.8%
Boa Vista (trail only)2.05 km-92 m-3.7%
野豬徑(柏架山道-大潭道樓梯頂)1.77 km-89 m-4.6%
HKHIKING Boa Vista Slippery Eel1.64 km-86 m-4.7%
Boa Vista2.42 km-112 m-4.2%
HKHIKING Boa Vista Road to Tai Tam Upper Dam2.04 km-94 m-4.6%
Descent From Boavista1.46 km-71 m-4.9%
柏架山道 Climb0.36 km43 m11.8%
Jungle Run1.22 km-45 m-1.9%
Tai Tam Reservoir Rd Climb0.59 km43 m7.1%
Flat Out1.39 km-41 m-1.0%
Tai Tam Flat out and up to Intermediate Reservoir Trail1.59 km31 m1.9%
Tai Tam to Parkview through Intermediate Trail Run and Violet Hill5.79 km394 m4.1%
大潭道 Climb0.58 km42 m7.1%
Tai Tam Bridge to Bridge1.47 km52 m2.7%
Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir Trail1.72 km75 m4.2%
Climb to Tai Tam Intermediate Trail run0.21 km27 m12.6%
Tai Tam Intermediate Trail + Violet Hill to Parkview4.32 km389 m5.4%
南灣坊3號 Climb0.69 km70 m10.1%
Violet Hill from catch water1.39 km276 m19.6%
A 19 D Repulse Bay Rd Climb1.50 km276 m18.3%
Park View from catchwater2.43 km249 m4.3%
Violet Hill Climb from catchwater1.21 km239 m19.8%
Parkview from Violet Hill1.19 km-162 m-13.5%
KOTH last down to Parkview0.94 km-126 m-13.4%