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Custom route from Pollensa - Example

Cycling Route

146.93 km
2,929 m
Pollenca > COLL Tofla [1.2 km] > Alaro [coffee STOP at Cycling Planet] > Bunyola > COLL Soller [5 km] > Soller > PUIG Major [14 km] > Sa Calobra [10 km] > Lluc [coffee STOP at Gasolinera Sa Bataia] > Pollenca
Created By
Aigars Paegle HC Bike Tours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
R's Cami vell Campanet7.81 km-46 m-0.2%
300 mts. de subidita0.32 km14 m4.2%
Down to Fangar3.73 km-24 m-0.4%
Les Vinyasses to Campanet7.42 km69 m0.3%
Down to Fangar Short2.32 km-24 m-1.0%
To the Trady's1.24 km55 m4.4%
Campanet finish0.56 km33 m5.9%
Pujada Selva desde Moscari0.64 km27 m4.2%
Warning: Men Not at Work1.82 km-25 m-0.4%
LastPushOfTofla0.65 km40 m6.2%
Santa María - Rotonda Bunyola3.69 km-18 m-0.2%
Verano Azul Cycling - De letrero 2,5km a parada bús parque Es Garrigó2.81 km75 m2.7%
Rotonda Buñola a rotonda Coll de Soller2.25 km63 m2.8%
Coll de Soller - Up and down - from Bunyola14.38 km-405 m-0.7%
Soller - sing to sign5.03 km258 m5.1%
Col Soller first part0.76 km37 m4.9%
Coll de Sóller - Primeros 3km3.00 km147 m4.9%
La recta del viento0.89 km44 m4.9%
ultimos 3 km soller3.02 km153 m5.1%
Coll de Soller - Last KM1.00 km50 m4.9%
Kulgur Attack 6 @ Soller 0.46 km37 m8.1%
TDM17 Col De Soller Descent7.27 km-404 m-5.6%
Tunnel Descent to Soller Village Roundabout2.04 km-133 m-6.5%
Puig Major Full14.66 km1,002 m5.9%
Puig Major Full Climb14.74 km870 m5.9%
Empty legs big wall left 2.93 km171 m5.8%
PM (6 km-abans Mir. ses Barques)5.88 km376 m6.4%
Cruce Sa Figuera-Cruce Fornalutx3.10 km184 m5.9%
Puig Major (Tunel Monnaber)12.09 km720 m6.0%
Test FTP power 20'5.99 km323 m5.4%
Soll-er ballern?! (final 8k to tunnel) 7.99 km450 m5.6%
Last 3k to Tunnel3.05 km213 m7.0%
Hairpin and Chill1.04 km95 m9.1%
Finish0.23 km11 m4.9%
Aff the tap3.49 km-177 m-5.1%
Descent from Pig3.44 km-203 m-5.8%
Tramo rápido Cúber-Gorg Blau1.87 km-131 m-7.0%
CoachPark first corner to NO Entry sign near Port12.03 km-638 m-4.0%
5min FTP Test1.72 km138 m8.0%
Skateboarders video5.47 km-387 m-6.9%
Full on Descent9.90 km-705 m-7.2%
Sa Calobra decent - first 2.5km2.57 km-202 m-7.8%
Descent from Sa Calobra to Penyal del Cavall Bernat6.37 km-434 m-6.8%
The bends2.65 km-229 m-7.7%
Smile for the Camera 📷Up0.34 km21 m6.1%
sa calobra decent full monty7.16 km-474 m-6.6%
Sa Calobra - the descent after the hairpins5.24 km-347 m-6.6%
Beaches and Coaches - Sa Calobra Start0.55 km51 m9.2%
Sa Calobra - before pinch-point!2.10 km129 m6.1%
bødesegmentet5.89 km406 m6.9%