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Past Two Weeks
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Flying Colours 52km

Running Route

50.96 km
2,418 m
This is the 52km track of Flying Colours Join us on Nov 28 and run for girls education!
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fabrice demichel
June 13, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tai Tam Reservoir Rd Climb0.47 km72 m15.2%
KOTH HK (Half) CP1 to CP22.31 km150 m4.9%
Jardines Lookout (from south)1.02 km172 m16.8%
Mt Butler Rd Climb0.37 km54 m14.6%
Jardine's to Siu Ma Shan - Peak to Peak1.59 km-132 m-0.6%
Descent from JL to MB 0.55 km-123 m-22.2%
Delf climb0.51 km102 m19.4%
HK Trail (Section 5) to Wilson Trail (Section 2) Downhill1.08 km-127 m-8.3%
Mt Parker Rd Climb0.43 km41 m9.5%
Siu Ma Shan down (Quarry Bay bound)1.06 km-201 m-18.9%
HKHIKING Hong Pak Push (East to West)2.75 km-21 m-0.4%
KOTH HK (Half) CP4 to CP54.18 km-173 m-3.8%
HKHIKING Boa Vista Slippery Eel1.64 km-86 m-4.7%
Descent From Boavista1.46 km-71 m-4.9%
Tai Tam Speed Drop0.75 km-100 m-13.2%
Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir Trail1.72 km75 m4.2%
南灣坊3號 Climb0.69 km70 m10.1%
1000 steps0.55 km211 m37.9%
Summiting The Twins (from Violet Hill side)1.34 km236 m17.4%
Up & Around Twins from Violet Side5.15 km-248 m-0.1%
Tze Kong Bridge up the twins0.33 km168 m50.3%
Little Twin to Big Twin0.64 km71 m2.7%
赤柱峽道 Climb0.31 km72 m23.1%
Big Twin climb0.32 km57 m16.6%
Twins Descent to Stanley Catchwater0.88 km-258 m-27.9%
Stanley Catchwater KOTH3.03 km83 m0.1%
Stanley catchwater 2km2.03 km37 m1.0%
Violet Hill from catch water1.39 km276 m19.6%
Violet Hill Climb from catchwater1.21 km239 m19.8%
Violet > Tsz Lo Lan Shan1.34 km-199 m-14.5% - Violet Hill Plunge0.88 km-183 m-20.4%
blacks link climb from wong nai chung gap road0.50 km69 m13.0%
Black's Link Full Climb1.31 km95 m7.2%
Black'S Link Climb0.44 km51 m11.6%
HK Trail from Black's Link (reverse)1.44 km-49 m-2.9%
Hong Kong Trail Section 35.07 km107 m1.2%
Peel Rise Hong Kong Trail Part0.52 km64 m12.1%
Mount Kellett Road Climb0.52 km52 m10.0%
Peak Road to Bowen down Wanchai Gap0.49 km-100 m-20.3%
Aberdeen Tunnel Climb0.70 km48 m6.8%
Bowen Rd 4 km West - East0.97 km-38 m-1.1%
Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd Climb1.05 km64 m6.1%
WongChungGap uphill road challenge0.59 km23 m2.6% - Wong Nai Chung Tree Walk1.83 km-54 m-1.3%
Tai Hang Rd Climb0.37 km40 m10.7%
Hong's Blowout1.03 km110 m9.0%
Jardine's Climb from catchwater0.50 km114 m21.7%
Jardine climb part 10.28 km71 m24.7%
Jardine's Climb Part 20.29 km57 m19.7%
Jardine's Lookout Downhill To Parkview1.05 km-148 m-13.6%