Coaley Peak to Stroud Loop

Running Route

24.68 km
745 m
Created By
Luke Merrett

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Get down that drive!0.82 km-29 m-3.4%
Stroud trail Climb 20.73 km99 m13.5%
Climb the Yew tree0.84 km142 m16.9%
Mt unpleasant 0.12 km19 m14.5%
Stroud to Cainscross road0.96 km-6 m-0.5%
bridge to bridge blast0.45 km-6 m-1.0%
Canal past Marling0.38 km-3 m-0.9%
Bottom of Steps to end of Frome Gardens0.30 km12 m2.0%
Stanley woods sprint1.18 km55 m1.1%
B4066 Climb0.33 km42 m12.6%
B4066 Climb1.29 km88 m6.8%
Steep climb from Woodside lane0.49 km58 m11.9%