Wellesley Century

Cycling Route

100.87 mi
3,506 ft
Created By
Pan-Mass Challenge
December 8, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Central Ave (Forest to Great Plain)0.56 mi26 ft0.6%
Central Ave (Great Plain to Pine)1.24 mi49 ft0.3%
Centre St (CRS to Dover Ctr)1.49 mi56 ft0.0%
Dover Center - Woodridge Rise1.34 mi125 ft1.8%
SNW - Wapole Run2.44 mi148 ft0.6%
Walpole St (Powisset to Hartford Jct)0.74 mi-52 ft-0.6%
Walpole St Kicker0.53 mi66 ft1.8%
109/North St to Brook St1.05 mi-59 ft-0.3%
Bubbling Brook up to Bubbling Brook Rd0.34 mi43 ft2.0%
pull on bull0.99 mi56 ft0.5%
Dog Rock Descent0.20 mi-49 ft-4.5%
Moose Hill (Edge to Walpole)2.38 mi115 ft0.2%
North Side of the Moose (the hard part)0.20 mi59 ft5.3%
Moose Hill Down1.06 mi-92 ft-1.6%
Moose Hill to Oak1.27 mi36 ft0.3%
Beach St, Foxborough1.89 mi-62 ft-0.6%
Maple1.30 mi56 ft0.7%
TC's Sprint for the Barn0.98 mi26 ft0.1%
Rockland Sprint - East1.32 mi-23 ft-0.1%
Summer Street0.78 mi13 ft0.0%
Center - Summer to Depot0.64 mi-16 ft-0.3%
Purchase to Prospect0.81 mi-30 ft-0.3%
Purchase&Prospect to Foundry1.75 mi-52 ft-0.3%
Prospect Punch0.92 mi16 ft0.1%
Plain St 495 crossing0.31 mi23 ft1.4%
R to 441.11 mi36 ft0.3%
Reynolds Ave./North, Chestnut to Tremont2.00 mi-56 ft-0.4%
Super Fun Time3.08 mi-33 ft-0.1%
Norton Main to Balcolm3.91 mi62 ft0.2%
West St-Gilbert to Williams0.64 mi-16 ft-0.3%
Mill to Water1.82 mi72 ft0.7%
Prospect 1st Bump0.10 mi16 ft2.7%
Good Morning1.29 mi66 ft1.0%
Main to Indian Hill2.22 mi-95 ft-0.4%
Down the Town Line0.70 mi-102 ft-2.7%
South St to RT 271.47 mi59 ft0.4%
Rocky Lane to Rt 270.93 mi-36 ft-0.2%
South St. 1-2 Punch0.59 mi43 ft1.3%
South St (Elm to Main St Medfield)0.83 mi39 ft0.4%
Down on Harding0.58 mi-49 ft-1.6%
Harding Dash - North1.00 mi121 ft1.8%
Farm North DSH to Bridge0.89 mi-440 ft-2.8%
Farm St (Bridge to Springdale/Pegan)2.03 mi-121 ft-0.4%
Lymans Pond Hill 20.68 mi82 ft2.3%
Farm St - Miller Hill - more accurate1.07 mi-118 ft-1.8%
Down Main0.38 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Claybrook For Adults Who Cherish Life1.58 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Claybrook EB Sprint0.23 mi10 ft0.6%
Central Ave NB (Charles River - Marked Tree Rd)1.59 mi89 ft1.0%
Central Ave (Charles River to Great Plain)1.50 mi-46 ft-0.1%