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Past Month

Paramatta River Loop: Sydney Olympic Park to Drummoyne, with detour to Bar Italia for a feed

Cycling Route

51.47 km
541 m
Created By
Lachlan Soper

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dash to Rhodes1.11 km4 m0.0%
Bicentennial Park path heading north0.78 km4 m0.2%
Rhodes Cool Down1.88 km19 m0.7%
Rhodes Rapid Ride0.52 km-19 m-0.2%
The new foreshore fling1.24 km-2 m-0.0%
Earplug plodders1.35 km8 m0.5%
Foreshore stage 20.63 km2 m0.1%
Rhodes Bridge Northbound0.31 km-13 m-2.5%
Meadowbank Roundabout to Concord Rd0.82 km8 m0.9%
Loopy da loop0.15 km2 m0.3%
tahiti looks nice0.52 km-7 m-1.3%
waterslide0.12 km-6 m-2.8%
Delange Hill0.26 km21 m7.8%
From the park hill0.30 km24 m7.7%
Munted up Morrison0.36 km20 m5.3%
Gladesville Bridge Southbound0.70 km17 m1.0%
Gladesroll Smash0.31 km26 m3.6%
Gladesvile Bridge Climb Southbound0.32 km17 m5.2%
Gladesville Bridge SouthBound To Wrights Rd1.10 km-32 m-1.3%
Drummoyne shopping1.75 km20 m0.7%
Wrights Rd sprint sector0.26 km12 m4.7%
Drummoyne Backstreet Smash0.51 km23 m4.3%
Wrights & Renwick Climbs1.12 km21 m1.8%
Wrights Rd - Part Deux0.20 km4 m2.1%
Renwick to the City0.80 km-10 m-0.9%
Renwick St climb0.33 km10 m1.7%
Iron Cove Bridge N-S0.42 km13 m2.9%
The Bends0.31 km-11 m-2.9%
Bay run slowdown1.50 km-13 m-0.1%
Wedding Crashers0.37 km-2 m-0.5%
Allen up0.46 km19 m4.2%
allens run0.40 km-4 m-0.4%
Roundabout to roundabout TT0.58 km-0 m0.0%
Hawthorne Turn Bay run0.67 km11 m0.8%
Robson Park0.47 km-8 m-1.5%
Tibrell Bridge to Rodd0.88 km7 m0.3%
Lot 1 Dobroyd Parade Climb0.70 km-4 m-0.2%
Rodd to Sisters 1.42 km-11 m-0.0%
Blackwell Point Rd (Westbound)0.43 km13 m3.1%
Wymston Pde (South)0.87 km-6 m-0.4%
Draft that car0.59 km6 m0.8%
Hammer0.24 km-1 m-0.5%
Ward of the state0.12 km1 m1.0%
Kendall Bay sprint1.34 km-12 m-0.0%
Norman Street0.44 km-6 m-0.1%
Victoria Ave Dash0.33 km-5 m-1.5%
Reverse Sprinkler1.19 km-7 m-0.0%
Bicentennial Park TT1.26 km7 m0.2%
Bicentennial Park hill0.24 km6 m2.7%
Bennelong to Homebush Bay Drive0.48 km4 m0.5%