The Hoot 4: Centennial

Running Route

4.15 mi
214 ft
Subject to change: Friday, Feb 11th to Sunday, Feb. 13th: Start at Centennial Park- 6.7Km Course summary: The route starts by the coin drop box just after the small bridge at the bottom of the hill from the Chalet.  From here, keep running on the main trail and head towards the highway overpass. Once under the highway, take a left to run up "hydro hill".  Keep following this main trail straight all the way until you come to the cleared opening where the bench is located.  From here, you'll see 3 trail options.  Follow the green food colouring arrow and take the one on the right (Red Trail). Follow the Red Trail for about 900 m.  Follow the arrows and run straight to connect to the Yellow Trail, where you will take a left (The river will be on your right side at this point). After about 400m, you'll take the spur single track trail on your right (same one you took in Race 3), until you meet up with the Adventure trail. Take a right on the Adventure trail and run towards and over the bridge. Once over the bridge, you'll stay on this main trail until you get to the shorter "U" shaped bridge.  Cross this bridge and take a right at the bottom.  You'll run about 700m, then will take a right on a narrow single track (follow the arrows and you won't miss it). Continue to follow the directional arrows and run alongside the river (this time the river will be on your right).   Stay on this trail until you come out of the fenced off area and in the opening by the main steel bridge.  (Watch the icy patches on the short downhill section as you come out of the single track). Run across the big steel bridge and take a left to get back on the Yellow trail.  From here, you're going to follow the directional arrows and stay on the trail all the way to the start/finish area.  
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Antonio S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Race 4 - The Hoot Winter Trail Series4.23 mi161 ft0.0%
Last cabin to under the highway0.32 mi20 ft1.1%
Hydro Hill0.34 mi98 ft5.5%
Hydro Hill(fixed)0.23 mi115 ft9.2%
The Mother0.23 mi112 ft9.2%