Wondai Kingaroy Loop (Thanks Geoff)

Cycling Route

75.7 km
719 m
This loop has a bit of everything- dirt roads, bitumen, Rail Trail. There are a number of hills on this loop so be prepared.
Created By
Jason Wyeth

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Half of Old Wondai Rd from Wondai13.79 km103 m0.1%
That was Nasty1.21 km63 m5.2%
That dead bit of road3.39 km41 m1.1%
Corner to the very top at Booie4.75 km147 m3.0%
Booie climb - the hurt-bag...1.85 km103 m5.5%
Bellavista Climb0.46 km36 m7.7%
Down Tessmans rd1.44 km-79 m-5.4%
Rail Trail Kingaroy to Crawford5.28 km35 m0.3%
Kingaroy Rail Trail-Bunya Hwy to Meiers Rd2.16 km20 m0.9%
K'roy to Memrbi SicSeg9.45 km33 m0.2%
Rail Trail Crawford to Memerambi5.99 km-20 m-0.1%
Rail Trail Memerambi to Wooroolin4.83 km45 m0.6%
Rail Trail Wooroolin to Tingoora5.72 km-62 m-1.1%
Tingoora Cutting downhill WOOO!3.77 km-59 m-1.5%
Rail Trail Tingoora to Wondai7.64 km-90 m-1.1%