Gordano Round - Full Marathon

Running Route

43.39 km
932 m
Created By
Luke Merrett

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
From da Church to da Combe0.39 km-8 m-1.4%
cabstand to Slade0.13 km10 m7.0%
Beach Road W along daffodils0.27 km5 m1.6%
Golf course to Lighthouse2.12 km-16 m-0.1%
Portishead to Clevedon Coastal path 8.23 km24 m0.2%
Golf course bottom0.96 km-9 m-0.5%
Windmill to Ladye Bay7.30 km20 m0.0%
Cliff path3.02 km-17 m-0.2%
Life boat station pass0.27 km5 m1.2%
Push too hard for PB - end up in the sea2.58 km14 m0.0%
Coast Path South - Bay Rd to Marine Parade1.00 km10 m0.6%
Thackeray Road Climb0.73 km60 m8.1%
Down Strawberry Hill0.54 km-48 m-8.9%
The Zig Zags0.42 km41 m9.6%
Norton Wood Entry Switchback0.20 km10 m4.6%
Church to gate by mast (main tracks)2.51 km79 m3.0%
Tickenham Road Climb0.71 km42 m5.8%
Clevedon ridge1.62 km-29 m-0.7%
Keepers Cottage to just before gate0.57 km-3 m-0.1%
Cadbury Camp West, (Heading East)1.53 km45 m2.9%
Cadbury Camp West Gate-to-Gate Climb0.32 km29 m8.8%
Woods to fly-over 0.44 km-27 m-6.0%
Woods to fly-over 0.44 km-27 m-6.0%
Race to the Black Horse 0.91 km17 m0.9%
Around the Ark1.20 km30 m0.1%
up the bumpy bit0.18 km25 m13.4%
Gordano Round Drop0.77 km-23 m-2.0%
West Tanpit Wood and Failand Farm0.66 km19 m2.4%
Down and Out Again0.58 km-30 m0.0%
The shortcut0.85 km-11 m-0.7%
Little lane above Martcombe Road0.63 km-12 m-1.9%
Up to Failand Lane 1.29 km41 m2.4%
First one to the pub buys the round0.41 km-37 m-8.8%
Clapton Drove past How Han Farm0.82 km-3 m-0.0%
B3124 Climb0.82 km43 m5.2%