Past Week

Big Cheese Half Marathon

Running Route

25.81 km
790 m
Created By
Luke Merrett

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
warrens hill bridal path1.65 km207 m12.5%
The Big Cheese: Warrens Hill Rd from Raceway to Tynings Farm1.28 km15 m0.8%
The Big Cheese: Tynings Farm down to Rowberrow2.57 km-120 m-4.7%
Alaskan Downstream Dash0.68 km-38 m-5.6%
School Lane Climb0.58 km51 m8.7%
1 Mile Hill1.64 km164 m10.0%
The Big Cheese: Second climb1.95 km166 m8.5%
The Big Cheese: Combe descent0.99 km-108 m-10.9%
X-Talon alley2.02 km83 m3.2%
Collier'S Ln Climb0.78 km70 m8.9%
Batch descent east0.58 km-30 m-5.1%
Gate to the Wireless0.85 km21 m2.2%
Wireless Station and Rains Batch1.46 km-48 m-1.8%
The Big Cheese: Rains Batch to Velvet Bottom0.78 km-21 m-2.7%
Velvet top to bottom2.60 km-54 m-2.1%
And back down again1.75 km-40 m-2.2%
The Rocks - road to the top0.40 km62 m13.6%
Gnarly Rock Climb0.27 km57 m20.3%
Run to the gate!0.25 km10 m3.6%
Rocky road to nowhere1.00 km-19 m-1.4%
The Big Cheese: West Mendip Way from Carscliff to Bradley Cross1.22 km-145 m-11.8%