Seven Springs

Cycling Route

25.17 mi
2,088 ft
Created By
Jim Cremer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Schoolhouse to TDarlington1.29 mi154 ft2.3%
Schoolhouse to Bartlett Turn7.63 mi1,099 ft2.7%
Harolds 2 TD0.55 mi79 ft2.6%
The Sprint0.43 mi56 ft2.4%
Punch up0.08 mi16 ft3.3%
Cave Creek Rd, Scottsdale to Pima2.16 mi213 ft1.9%
Carefree Climb7.63 mi1,063 ft2.6%
CC Shell Station to Lone Mtn (EB)4.90 mi623 ft2.4%
Sunshine to 98th3.24 mi390 ft2.3%
Past Roundabout to Pima1.89 mi184 ft1.8%
Pima to Towers3.89 mi650 ft3.2%
Faster GF 2012 KoM #12.49 mi338 ft2.6%
Tree Lined to Top of Hill3.10 mi561 ft3.4%
98th to Lone Mountain1.48 mi213 ft2.7%
North Lone Mountain for an approx mile0.91 mi210 ft4.4%
Radio Towers - Refined1.35 mi285 ft4.0%
Radio Towers1.32 mi295 ft4.2%
Carefree Way to Bartlett Dam 0.68 mi144 ft4.0%
CC Climb- Carefree to Raven's View1.88 mi279 ft2.8%
Boulder View to Towers0.68 mi121 ft3.3%
CC: Carefree/Boulder View to Bartlett Lake Rd.0.68 mi144 ft3.9%
7 Springs-Bartlett Dam Rd. Out & Back8.97 mi344 ft0.1%
7 Springs-Bartlett Dam Rd. to End of Pavement4.47 mi338 ft1.0%
Bartlett Dam to N. Old Mine1.13 mi121 ft2.0%
7th First Bit2.35 mi243 ft0.4%
Seven Springs kicker0.68 mi240 ft6.5%
7 Springs2.07 mi335 ft3.0%
Sears-Kay Climb0.33 mi108 ft6.1%
Corners to 7 Springs1.36 mi161 ft1.5%
Final Hill to EOP0.34 mi118 ft6.5%
Dirt to Pima8.61 mi-912 ft-2.0%
7 Springs - in4.28 mi-315 ft-0.9%
7 Springs Return1.98 mi-335 ft-3.2%
Don't Ask0.41 mi43 ft0.7%
how fast can you go?1.22 mi-200 ft-2.9%
Sears Kay North Side Punch0.20 mi46 ft4.2%
bark worse than bite0.49 mi-128 ft-2.8%
Last Bump out 7 springs0.22 mi62 ft4.1%
Climbing out of the mine1.26 mi233 ft3.5%
bark worse than bite0.12 mi49 ft7.6%
hammering back2.33 mi200 ft0.9%
Tonto Hills Punch0.19 mi26 ft2.2%
CC: Raven's Nest to Carefree/BV1.84 mi-259 ft-2.7%
Bartlett to Lone Mountain1.39 mi-299 ft-4.1%
CC: Bartlett to Pima4.12 mi-653 ft-3.0%
Bartlett Turn to Schoolhouse7.61 mi-1,099 ft-2.7%
Pedal Wings4.07 mi-656 ft-3.0%
Lone Mountain to Pima2.71 mi-381 ft-2.7%
Cave Creek: Pima to Shell Station (Tom Darlington)2.04 mi-217 ft-2.0%
Rollin through the creek0.91 mi-131 ft-2.7%