Mission Peak from Stanford Ave

Running Route

3.04 mi
2,108 ft
Created By
Zack S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mission Peak Run to Summit3.06 mi2,133 ft13.1%
Ohlone 50K opening climb1.51 mi1,053 ft13.2%
Stanford lot first mile1.00 mi627 ft11.9%
Stanford lot opening run0.48 mi210 ft8.1%
MP uphill (Stanford)3.04 mi2,116 ft13.2%
StanfordGate_FirstCattleGuard0.38 mi144 ft7.1%
Mission Peak Gate to Summit (pole).2.96 mi2,014 ft12.9%
Stanford lot to Y2.37 mi1,568 ft12.5%
Madman to first bench, MP0.74 mi417 ft10.6%
Mission Peak OWT Climb (from Stanford Lot)3.03 mi2,116 ft13.2%
Stanford2Peak3.10 mi2,129 ft13.0%
Stanford Lot to 1st Bench0.72 mi417 ft10.9%
Mission Peak Gate to Pole2.98 mi2,119 ft13.4%
Stanford lot to 4th bench1.87 mi1,257 ft12.7%
Race to bench 2, Mission Peak1.08 mi673 ft11.7%
Grapevine Ct Climb0.74 mi417 ft10.7%
Cattle Grate up to Stop Sign Bench 0.35 mi16 ft0.9%
Staford Parking to 1st Jct 1.80 mi1,224 ft12.8%
new interval c/o Marie0.06 mi56 ft16.4%
Bench 1 wall repeats0.09 mi92 ft17.5%
Bench 1 to Bench 20.34 mi269 ft14.6%
mile two Stanford to Mission Peak1.00 mi709 ft13.4%
Bench 2 to Bench 30.26 mi207 ft14.7%
Bench 3 to Bench 40.50 mi364 ft13.7%
Horse Heaven Trail Climb0.21 mi197 ft17.6%
Peak Meadow Trail Climb0.30 mi154 ft9.4%
last mile and change Mission Peak1.13 mi801 ft13.4%
cattle guard sprint MP0.10 mi20 ft3.1%
Junction to Y Stanford to Mission Peak0.19 mi171 ft17.0%
Peak Trail Climb0.24 mi213 ft16.8%
S+O common summit push0.59 mi495 ft15.8%
Wall repeats0.16 mi157 ft18.0%
Man Made Hill (Interval)0.14 mi135 ft17.7%
climb to trash cans Mission Peak0.26 mi230 ft16.4%
Mission Peak Climb to Summit0.38 mi404 ft19.8%
Verostrong summit finish0.26 mi266 ft18.8%