GFB/B2B (Berowra to Broke)

Cycling Route

183.6 km
2,394 m
The 5th time we've run the classic GFB course from Berowra to Broke. Save yourself for the KOM/QOM and last 15km.
Created By
Ed Kirk
April 23, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Berowra Waters West from top of East12.13 km-222 m-0.1%
The Slingshot0.82 km-17 m-2.0%
Berowra Water East Descent to last hairpin3.07 km-154 m-5.0%
Berowra Waters East descent3.58 km-199 m-5.6%
Berowra East technical section2.32 km-125 m-5.4%
Berowra Waters - West3.33 km208 m6.2%
Berowra Waters West3.37 km197 m5.8%
berowra top bit0.89 km50 m5.6%
Chilcott Road to Arcadia Public School4.73 km37 m0.0%
Arcadia Road to Blacks Road uphill sprint0.13 km15 m11.2%
Arcadia Smooth Sailing 0.86 km-19 m-2.2%
Wylde Times West1.53 km-47 m-1.0%
Wylds westbound0.10 km11 m10.4%
Wyld West Pinch0.28 km28 m9.8%
Go For Broke - Old Nth Rd ups & downs29.60 km81 m0.1%
cattai ridge rd to wisemans ferry33.03 km-199 m-0.4%
Cattai Ridge rd to Canoelands rd14.39 km59 m0.3%
Final pinch before coffee0.66 km9 m1.3%
Glenn's Bakery Sprint1.35 km-27 m-1.4%
Bakery Sprint0.70 km8 m0.7%
Glenorie to Forest Glen6.75 km48 m0.5%
Old Northern Road Climb0.76 km109 m14.2%
Canoelands Rd to Maroota6.54 km-44 m-0.1%
Mur de Maroota0.53 km40 m7.5%
Maroota Bump0.52 km34 m6.4%
wiesmans downhill smash3.13 km-161 m-4.9%
Wisemans Downhill sprint2.29 km-119 m-4.7%
Wisemans Ferry Road Climb0.63 km97 m15.1%
Spencer to Bedlam Ck11.02 km-16 m-0.0%
Go For Broke KOM/QOM5.43 km217 m4.0%
Mangrove Mountain Complete10.70 km283 m2.6%
Wise Man Climb2.08 km126 m6.1%
Wisemans Ferry Road Hill Steep Section0.44 km75 m16.8%
Ironbark Rd to Shops3.69 km41 m1.1%
Rip the Hip2.04 km-24 m-0.5%
George Downs Out3.45 km-11 m-0.0%
Kulnura to Brush Creek rd11.43 km49 m0.1%
Go for Broke Cramp Edition1.12 km42 m3.7%
Fernace Hill North Bound1.21 km63 m5.2%
Great North Road Climb0.67 km82 m12.1%
Go For Broke - Twin Peaks - u thought the hills were over2.64 km60 m0.7%
Great North Road (northbound)5.51 km-47 m-0.3%
wollimbi sprint6.20 km-46 m-0.3%
L2W TT7.16 km-29 m-0.2%
BLRC 15k TT15.11 km-28 m-0.0%
Barnstay to Broke24.79 km-29 m-0.0%
Barnstay to Bridge9.17 km-21 m-0.1%
GO FOR BROKE last 15km15.06 km-30 m-0.1%
D&B Schulz Lead Out Train - Toot toot!4.03 km-20 m-0.1%
blast into Broke1.81 km-13 m-0.4%