Past Week

EcoRing Duncans Mills to Occidental Advanced Mar 28

Cycling Route

33.63 mi
2,715 ft
Created By
Sara Baughn

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Moscow Road3.19 mi33 ft0.1%
Boho to Camp Meeker3.32 mi240 ft1.3%
Boho Steps1.17 mi213 ft3.4%
Grasshopper Final0.14 mi10 ft1.1%
Bittner UH - GPS correct1.84 mi335 ft2.9%
Bittner Rd1.51 mi305 ft3.8%
Joy Rd Climb0.83 mi338 ft7.7%
Joy Road power climb0.28 mi125 ft8.0%
Joy Rd. Descent2.22 mi-676 ft-5.7%
jammin' to bay hill1.14 mi141 ft2.2%
BayHill Climb from 1 to top2.10 mi489 ft4.4%
Bay Hill Rd 1-13.63 mi-512 ft-0.1%
Bay Hill Road Climb0.93 mi266 ft5.4%
Bay hill complete3.61 mi-558 ft-0.4%
Bay Hill Rd1.82 mi427 ft4.4%
Bay hill descent towards 11.38 mi-486 ft-6.6%
Campground to Coleman1.83 mi-128 ft-0.5%
HWY 1 [Coleman Valley to 116]6.50 mi-262 ft-0.1%
The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion5.56 mi223 ft0.6%
Shell Beach to Willow Creek 1.43 mi-167 ft-1.1%
Goat Rock to Duncans Mill4.22 mi-240 ft-1.0%
116: Highway 1 to Duncans Mills3.48 mi82 ft0.1%
116 to Sawmill0.66 mi79 ft2.2%
Duncan Mills Sprint0.35 mi16 ft0.7%