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Gravelbike Wörthersee T2 | Gravel-Speedway-Rosental

Gravel Riding Trail

88.63 km
1,169 m
The relatively easy tour takes us - like some tours to the south - past Rosegg Castle and Zoo and the Frög Celtic World. Then we follow the Drau river with lots of gravel and without any notable climbs into the Rosental valley. After Feistritz im Rosental, it's worth making a detour to Rosenbach to the shot-up "Chapel of Forgotten Souls", which commemorates fatalities during the construction of the Karawanken railway tunnel and served as a rifle post in the Carinthian defensive struggle. At Längdorf you can either branch off to Rosenbach (according to the marked route - approx. 200Hm and 10km) to the Chapel of Forgotten Souls, or you can choose the flat and shorter variant and follow the Drau cycle path. Before Unterferlach you have to change the Drau riverbank again. At Maria Rain, two lost places await you: the "Eternal Rain" as a natural spectacle and the hermit's cave. Now you will pass the southern outskirts of Klagenfurt and go through Viktring into the 4-lake valley Keutschach, named after the lakes: Rauschelesee, Bassgeigensee, Keutschachersee and Hafnersee. By the way, a jump in water is always worthwhile here. Today, Lake Keutschach and Lake Hafner are considered popular bathing lakes (especially in the naturist camp scene). However, the Keutschacher See was already populated in prehistoric times, as evidenced by the fragments of pile dwellings under the water. Still in the mood for a side trip? At Plescherken you can still find remains of the mining and golsearching epoch in the 18th century. If you take a flashlight with you, it is worth to have a look into the old (short) tunnels. Please do not enter! Almost back at the starting point we recommend to all hobby historians another detour of about 2km to the south side of the Kathreinkogel. Here, too, objects were found that point to a prehistoric settlement.
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Christian R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Drauweg: Frög -> Mühlbach1.22 km11 m0.9%
Maria Elend Drücker0.83 km27 m3.3%
Kirschnerstraße Climb1.52 km96 m6.3%
Viktringer Sprint0.55 km-3 m-0.5%
Maiernigg_Hügerl0.47 km14 m3.0%
Süduferstraße: Maiernigg0.43 km21 m3.2%
Sekirn Descent1.81 km-22 m-1.2%
Reifnitz2Keutschach2.35 km66 m2.8%
St. Margarethen - Plaschischen L97B climb1.23 km64 m4.7%
Kreis to Kreis flach0.50 km9 m1.3%
Aich Schupfer0.45 km7 m1.0%