Seven Star via Rim Trail North

Cycling Route·MTB

6.1 mi
904 ft
Roundtrip from the Snowmass Village Town Park Station parking lot. Go up Rim Trail North and ride down Seven Star.
Created By
maria hidalgo
April 5, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation



NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SEVEN STAR DOWN2.69 mi827 ft-5.8%
North Rim to Seven Star Ascent1.80 mi722 ft7.5%
VII Star - Unchained2.93 mi951 ft-6.1%
Road Hill Climb to goodness 18 ACC 7 Star Race0.26 mi62 ft4.4%
Seven Star3.01 mi922 ft-5.8%
Rim Trail North Climb0.59 mi282 ft9.0%
Sorry for partying5.43 mi1,004 ft-0.7%
N Rim 7Star loop5.46 mi988 ft-0.1%
Mike Tyson Works the Speed Bag0.35 mi108 ft5.8%