YGR Road 27: Double Dip Climbing Heavy Century

Cycling Route

105.53 mi
9,458 ft
Created By
Dan Porter- YGR
April 13, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Taft to Centennial1.82 mi302 ft3.1%
HTTT-1st mile1.02 mi72 ft1.3%
Harmony to Horsetooth Cliffs Way1.63 mi436 ft5.0%
First Horsetooth Switchback, ascending0.61 mi184 ft5.6%
Hairbender Half Sprint0.27 mi66 ft4.5%
Res Roads North!7.36 mi535 ft-0.8%
Maniac Hill0.76 mi223 ft5.3%
Dam Hills - South to North4.94 mi223 ft0.4%
Maniac PAIN Section0.13 mi85 ft12.2%
Soldier Hill0.65 mi269 ft7.6%
Soldier Hill Summit to North Dam Going North - Descending2.15 mi233 ft-2.1%
Horsetooth Reservoir N to Bingham Hill4.58 mi548 ft-2.3%
Down the Wall0.50 mi279 ft-10.5%
Top of the North Dam to Bellvue2.30 mi436 ft-3.6%
Actual North Dam Descent0.90 mi322 ft-6.7%
~1k interval0.50 mi46 ft-1.7%
just a bit more0.48 mi52 ft2.0%
Vern's ride first uphill0.96 mi118 ft2.3%
25E (South to North)1.33 mi75 ft-0.2%
do ya know how to corner?0.20 mi30 ft-2.8%
Poudre Canyon -> Stove Prairie Summit21.25 mi2,103 ft1.9%
poudre to stove top14.90 mi820 ft1.0%
Poudre to Stove Prairie 5.25 mi1,270 ft4.6%
Old Flowers Rd Climb1.70 mi295 ft3.3%
Back Side of Rist - actual climb1.20 mi659 ft10.4%
The Wall of Rist Canyon1.05 mi620 ft11.2%
West Rist Canyon last 0.25 mi0.25 mi138 ft10.2%
Rist Canyon Descent to Bellvue11.00 mi2,674 ft-4.6%
Rist Decent (lower mailboxes to dirt road)3.83 mi938 ft-4.6%
Mako's Grave1.27 mi413 ft-6.1%
Whale Rock Down1.49 mi331 ft-4.2%
Rist Canyon Rd - 25E to 230.49 mi62 ft-2.3%
Bingham Rd to top of North Dam2.10 mi453 ft4.1%
every dam climb. n-s7.17 mi554 ft0.8%
The Wall?0.87 mi312 ft6.6%
Horsetooth North Dam0.45 mi256 ft10.4%
They Call Me the Breeze3.58 mi253 ft-0.7%
FoCo_May_Week2b2.99 mi240 ft1.0%
Soldier Hill Descent0.64 mi217 ft-6.4%
Dam Pop0.20 mi39 ft3.1%
Centennial Dr Heading South from Dixon Cyn Rd0.79 mi207 ft4.7%
Maniac Descent (King of the Maniacs)0.70 mi226 ft-6.0%
Back of Horsetooth Resevoir Hill Climb0.89 mi223 ft4.7%
HTTT-Transition to 3rd climb1.19 mi171 ft-2.4%
Lookout belowwwwww0.73 mi167 ft-3.7%
Shoreline Drive to Mountain Park Entrance0.77 mi266 ft6.4%
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee1.34 mi322 ft-4.4%
Buckhorn Canyon Climb14.30 mi1,991 ft2.6%
N County Road 27 Climb0.79 mi315 ft7.5%
Cat 3 up Buckhorn3.77 mi919 ft4.6%