YGR Gravel 27: Lizard People

Cycling Route

53.71 mi
1,361 ft
Weld County gravel by Andrew Chapman
Created By
Dan Porter- YGR
April 13, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Death funnel0.29 mi3 ft-0.1%
Double A Uphill Sprint0.47 mi36 ft1.4%
Stage 2: Lizard People 32.76 mi522 ft0.1%
County Road 82 Climb0.39 mi489 ft23.6%
Fruit Punch Advisory Board Prime p/b Thrillhousecycling8.53 mi256 ft0.5%
TnT 86'd1.84 mi180 ft1.1%
Post Vine0.92 mi79 ft-1.6%
County Road 15 Sprint0.81 mi75 ft-1.8%
cr 15 dirt0.86 mi49 ft-1.1%
CR15 Gravel - CR80 to CR780.98 mi26 ft-0.5%
CR78 Gravel - 257 to CR191.04 mi46 ft-0.0%
Severance - Strada Rossa (CR21 to Harmony)2.78 mi79 ft-0.4%
gwt bridge to bridge southbound2.79 mi79 ft-0.5%
Hollister Holla!0.23 mi16 ft1.2%