QVMS Thursday from Putnam

Cycling Route

20.58 mi
1,445 ft
Created By
Christian S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Up Mantup0.30 mi85 ft4.3%
Modock N-S1.85 mi-89 ft-0.4%
Modock TT N-S0.61 mi26 ft0.1%
Needles Eye to Pomfret Hill 1.27 mi230 ft3.4%
Up Needles Eye0.71 mi144 ft3.6%
Pomfret School to Bean0.74 mi-39 ft-0.5%
Harrisville East-West1.25 mi-82 ft-1.2%
Butts Road Pain Train0.42 mi66 ft2.7%
Legion to Senexet1.94 mi-128 ft-1.1%
Reverse Senexet Rd2.84 mi92 ft0.4%
Sabin St. Sprint1.26 mi-62 ft-0.9%