Shawnee 50K

Running Route

31.57 mi
6,878 ft
Created By
Michael Owen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shawnee 50 - Opening Loop to Odell Creek12.48 mi-620 ft-0.1%
State Forest Service Road 3 Climb0.57 mi308 ft10.1%
State Forest Service Road 6 Climb0.36 mi289 ft14.8%
State Forest Service Road 6 Climb0.47 mi354 ft14.3%
Camp 1 to Camp 25.37 mi-476 ft-0.6%
Camp 2 to Camp Oyo3.28 mi-541 ft-0.5%
Big Bear Hill0.96 mi459 ft9.0%
Mackletree Climb0.33 mi341 ft19.2%
Camp 7 Climb0.69 mi299 ft8.2%
Camp 7 to Trailhead4.26 mi-505 ft-1.8%
Shawnee 50 - The Last Down0.96 mi-338 ft-6.5%
Shawnee 50 - The Last Up0.69 mi230 ft6.0%