Endless Mountains Gravel Bikepacking Loop (EMGBL)

Cycling Route

422.56 mi
37,881 ft
Bikepacking route for Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties
Created By
Endless Mountains Heritage Region

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
407 on 92 to 114.79 mi-112 ft-0.3%
rt 6 to lake carey2.07 mi289 ft2.6%
The lake is on the left1.47 mi16 ft0.0%
Back Side of Lake0.71 mi56 ft1.2%
lakewood rd climb1.33 mi223 ft3.1%
Fire House Rd Climb1.18 mi404 ft6.4%
Dutch Mountain4.39 mi1,132 ft4.9%
Little MFer0.59 mi203 ft6.5%
Up farrell1.33 mi348 ft4.7%
Rouse Pond up2.41 mi292 ft1.9%
Emmons to Cherry Ridge Rd.3.29 mi988 ft5.7%
42 Back to the Outlet Pond0.50 mi249 ft9.2%
Double Run Road Kicker0.87 mi151 ft3.0%
Bounding Home2.12 mi-571 ft-5.1%
PA SR4002 Climb from Shunk0.41 mi164 ft7.5%
Peter Brown Hill (gravel)0.82 mi354 ft8.1%
Upper Mountain to Lambs Creek Rd.1.91 mi807 ft8.0%
Douglas climb north0.42 mi138 ft6.2%
Falling Down Armenia Mountain1.25 mi-784 ft-11.8%
State Route 1057 Climb1.51 mi577 ft7.2%
Saterlee Creek to McKinney Climb 10521.25 mi472 ft7.2%
Parkway Push South1.87 mi-85 ft-0.9%
Hawes Ln to Bridge 1.59 mi-69 ft-0.8%
South Main St Climb0.61 mi102 ft3.1%
2014 Climb0.26 mi72 ft5.2%
Vfw to Kerrick Climb0.51 mi174 ft6.3%
Cliff Hanger bring your cross bike0.90 mi443 ft9.3%
Sugar Run Fun1.84 mi-20 ft-0.0%
T465 Climb0.86 mi289 ft6.3%
Williams to Amish Paved1.04 mi161 ft2.9%
East Street0.50 mi318 ft11.9%
North Road Climb #30.52 mi138 ft5.0%
Woods Road Climb0.64 mi269 ft7.8%
D&H Stephens Point to Starrucca5.25 mi361 ft1.3%
OLD VERSION - Buck Falls Southbound0.29 mi82 ft5.2%
D&H Ararat to Tower Hill2.94 mi-148 ft-0.9%
Ararat to Herrick Center5.87 mi-262 ft-0.8%
D&H Fiddle Lake - Herrick Center3.30 mi-141 ft-0.8%
B trail 171 to forest city1.27 mi-66 ft-0.8%