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King Alfreds Way Full Route 354km +3580m 30h LondonGravel.CC

Cycling Route

354.47 km
4,640 m
King Alfreds Way Full Route 354km +3580m 30h LondonGravel.CC
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
King's Somborne - Westbound Past The Ford0.77 km-7 m-0.6%
Right Hook Sprint0.22 km7 m3.1%
Wilsford cum Lake (N)2.01 km-36 m-1.2%
Barbury Chalky Climb0.18 km12 m6.8%
One for Mr Peters0.79 km-11 m-1.4%
I need a curry0.98 km-17 m-1.6%
Man u mental?0.55 km-8 m-0.8%
haulin ass0.47 km-12 m-2.6%
bridges0.47 km-11 m-2.2%
Bulls!0.26 km-3 m-1.3%
Any colour as long as its black1.75 km17 m1.0%
Police College Up0.39 km10 m1.1%
police college 0.23 km5 m1.6%
Chicken Run0.87 km-21 m-2.3%
Vicar of Dipley0.49 km-4 m-0.4%
Borough drag - no corner0.44 km7 m1.4%
Totters Trotter2.19 km22 m0.2%
Almost Home0.44 km15 m3.4%
Bagsy First0.16 km8 m4.9%
Over crest and hammer it0.66 km-18 m-2.6%
Mow the Dog0.76 km8 m0.5%
The Official Pilcot Riser0.50 km7 m1.4%
Watery Ln to Church Crookham Sign Sprint0.31 km-2 m-0.6%
Ewshot - Beacon Hill0.49 km38 m7.7%
Compton Way Wall0.13 km18 m14.3%
Sheephatch sprint to Tilford Rd0.36 km9 m2.5%
Bobby said stop1.32 km-20 m-1.3%
Skyfall0.19 km16 m8.1%
It's worth it for the view...!3.73 km166 m4.4%
Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it. Mutha.1.37 km47 m3.1%
Highfield lane to the gate 0.63 km35 m5.5%
Up marbles to the road0.90 km41 m4.2%
Monkey bike adventure1.02 km16 m0.2%
See ya Jackie0.77 km-19 m-2.5%
Warren Run1.53 km-13 m-0.3%
the whole ridge downhill0.22 km-16 m-7.3%
SEKTA's Back to Blue0.43 km39 m9.0%
Short Red Climb0.33 km34 m10.1%
Rooty Rollers0.34 km-10 m-2.5%
Butser base to gate climb0.58 km55 m9.3%
Butser West Face Bridleway0.86 km117 m13.4%
How are your legs and heart doing right now?0.49 km-13 m-2.6%
Hoggs Lane to the cricket club2.20 km-21 m-0.9%
SDW short climb alongside Leydene Park *S*0.35 km14 m4.0%
old winch hill car park sprint0.55 km16 m2.8%
Old Winchester hill to the railway2.19 km-71 m-3.2%
Beacon Hill Interval1.63 km99 m6.1%
Steep part of Beacon Hill0.93 km72 m7.8%
Beacon hill final dash0.39 km15 m3.7%
SDW to Preshaw Estate0.68 km-12 m-1.5%