ToS 2023 Stage 2

Cycling Route

2.41 mi
453 ft
Created By
John P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Beachy Bead Climb from Eastbourne1.64 mi423 ft4.9%
Bedes to Baslow0.46 mi187 ft6.3%
Zig Zag Laps Climb0.88 mi269 ft5.7%
Dukes Drive Climb0.94 mi289 ft5.7%
From Zig to Zag0.89 mi243 ft5.1%
ascent to baslow0.47 mi131 ft5.2%
Snake Pass0.85 mi259 ft5.7%
Holywell Zig Zags OFFICIAL South-east Climbs 1.04 mi272 ft5.0%
Holywell Zig-zag1.03 mi269 ft4.9%
Hill Repeats with Rich0.75 mi194 ft4.8%
Podjazd0.88 mi249 ft5.3%
Zig & Zag do Holywell!0.80 mi233 ft5.5%
Beedo Climb1.33 mi335 ft4.7%
The Bends0.46 mi112 ft4.6%
Zig Zag 0.76 mi203 ft5.1%
zig not zag0.27 mi56 ft4.0%
The worst of it0.16 mi66 ft7.3%
Beachy Head Road to Pub0.97 mi52 ft1.0%
Pub Rush0.33 mi26 ft1.2%