Hinesburg Gravel and Bridges

Cycling Route

21.46 mi
1,856 ft
Created By
Paul S
May 12, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Burritt Rd to Prindle Corners1.76 mi112 ft-0.5%
Garen Rd Climb towards Prindle0.39 mi112 ft5.3%
Bridge to Bridge2.76 mi272 ft-0.7%
Fire on the Mountain0.39 mi75 ft3.7%
Yeehaw! Chester's Dead0.74 mi157 ft4.0%
First Kicker Up Rotax from Covered Bridge Road0.47 mi108 ft4.4%
Rotax to Baldwin3.25 mi220 ft1.3%
Rotax Climb to Baldwin Rd1.06 mi217 ft3.8%
gobble gobble - TB to LC1.49 mi141 ft-1.6%
Gilman rollers downbit 1.07 mi190 ft-3.3%
Lavigne Hill to Buck Hill push0.56 mi13 ft0.1%