TNR Browns Gap CW

Cycling Route

44.93 mi
3,244 ft
Created By
Kyle Lawrence
May 18, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
furnace out tt2.61 mi138 ft0.5%
Old Furnace Hill0.60 mi115 ft3.6%
Bump to Bump2.26 mi-207 ft-1.1%
Keezletown Kick Reverse1.39 mi-105 ft-0.7%
Oak Shade downhill sprint2.21 mi-112 ft-1.0%
Wake Up In The Sky1.44 mi-115 ft-1.5%
Mur de Goods Mill0.48 mi118 ft4.6%
Come with me if you want to live1.54 mi-59 ft-0.1%
Patterson Ridge Ln Climb1.36 mi276 ft3.8%
Goat Farm then Dirt3.12 mi230 ft1.2%
Gravel Bike Run South2.07 mi-92 ft-0.3%
Bingham Gravel0.96 mi36 ft0.0%
Pre-Timber Ridge Hill Climb0.48 mi-75 ft-2.1%
Timber Ridge North4.74 mi151 ft0.3%
Timber Ridge0.58 mi85 ft2.8%
Shorts0.42 mi-26 ft-0.6%
Caught in the Middle0.83 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Gut Punch0.60 mi-43 ft-1.3%
Timber Ridge Hill0.32 mi79 ft4.4%
Timber Ridge Topout1.38 mi66 ft0.9%
Friedens Climb0.78 mi135 ft3.3%
Scholars Dirt Climb1.28 mi138 ft2.0%
Spaders Church Gravel Climb1.02 mi157 ft2.9%
The Dump0.32 mi148 ft8.6%
Ramblewood to Stone Spring1.13 mi92 ft0.4%
Rambled Hill Race0.55 mi82 ft2.0%
Bluestone Trail0.98 mi59 ft0.8%
The Bluestone Butt(ler)-Burner0.19 mi33 ft3.3%
MBFGW It's a caaaaayke0.40 mi43 ft1.9%
Mason North0.44 mi-30 ft-0.5%