10 Barrel Riding Solo (June 2021) - Week 1: Lactic Sendydosis!

Cycling Route

12.7 mi
1,107 ft
Ticket to Ride > COD > Storm King > Grand Slam > ELV > Ticket to Ride (Clockwise)
Created By
Jason W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
TTR + COD3.84 mi423 ft2.0%
Ticket to Ride - VC to COD1.56 mi223 ft2.7%
TTR/COD/SK/GS/ELV/COD12.96 mi-666 ft-0.0%
Upper COD, from Ticket to SK2.22 mi203 ft1.7%
COD/Ticket to GS/ELV9.16 mi-545 ft-0.4%
upper COD climb2.08 mi177 ft1.6%
SK to GS/ELV6.66 mi-545 ft-1.2%
Storm King 32 to 271.61 mi95 ft0.8%
Beyond It Climb0.19 mi79 ft7.7%
NEW GS dh from SK to 4610 Gate2.45 mi-325 ft-2.4%
Grand Slam4.49 mi-577 ft-2.4%
GS Ticket to Voodoo1.32 mi-105 ft-1.5%
GS Rocks & ELV1.84 mi-180 ft-1.8%
GS Rocks 15-110.72 mi-112 ft-2.7%
Fast Blast Back toward Ranger Station1.98 mi-108 ft-0.8%
ELV: Grand Slam to COD0.67 mi-49 ft-0.6%
C.O.D - ELV to pole 21 at Century1.69 mi85 ft0.0%
Ticket - Rockstacker to Welcome1.46 mi85 ft0.1%
COD short switchback climb0.25 mi52 ft3.5%