Past Month
Past Month

Winterbourne Down to Willsbridge Mill

Running Route

25.26 km
240 m
Created By
Luke Merrett

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ruffet Road0.80 km13 m1.1%
ASUK Ruffet Roughness0.83 km16 m1.7%
Branch Pool Wood Dramway South0.49 km-3 m-0.5%
Dramway South - Lakes and Folly Brook1.55 km6 m0.1%
Shortwood Mine Hill Climb0.42 km25 m5.8%
Shortwood Hill Climb0.93 km52 m5.6%
Gloucester & Avon Tramway South part 20.84 km2 m0.1%
Warmley to NC Dramway1.26 km-16 m-0.4%
Victoria Road Crossing to Sir Bernard Lovell School0.74 km-4 m-0.0%
North St - West St0.38 km-4 m-1.0%
siston dash0.75 km5 m0.7%
Cycle path climb 0.32 km13 m3.9%
Shortwood Dramway North1.85 km15 m0.6%
Path0.90 km6 m0.6%
Emersons to Bridge1.05 km8 m0.8%
ASUK FF with a bit of a twist part 10.33 km-4 m-1.1%
Footpath to Bridge0.95 km-4 m-0.3%
Southey Sprint0.42 km-3 m-0.5%
P&R to Willy Wicket2.07 km-22 m-0.7%
Beefeater Hill down0.52 km-12 m-2.2%
Beefeater to Willy Wicket0.94 km-6 m-0.3%
Beefeater to bridge0.56 km5 m0.1%