Challenge CC A3 Perpetual Cup 2021

Cycling Route

76.98 km
386 m
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Craughwell to Loughrea SS 10km TT10.23 km58 m0.5%
GTC TT Start to Meadow Court4.86 km38 m0.6%
TT start to roundabout7.71 km46 m0.6%
CHALLENGE1.35 km7 m0.5%
The Yellow Bog sprint1.48 km-6 m-0.3%
The Man with the Hammer1.67 km-12 m-0.1%
Loughrea Bypass West to East3.65 km26 m0.7%
Loughrea Bypass3.64 km27 m0.7%
The Rise0.73 km10 m1.4%
Loughrea Hill1.84 km26 m1.4%
Loughrea to Portumna road junction2.84 km-29 m-0.9%
Loughrea to Ballinasloe Bout to Bout25.30 km-81 m-0.2%
Portumna Turn to Kilreekil,old n63.71 km18 m0.4%
Dartfield Rise1.77 km20 m1.0%
Connaught 40km TT Championships 201239.86 km79 m0.0%
Start to Hill top5.97 km51 m0.7%
TT start to Ballinasloe19.78 km-80 m-0.2%
Cappataggle Hill KOM0.97 km30 m3.1%
Cappataggle to Ballinasloe13.69 km-80 m-0.5%
Cappatagle to Aughrim6.51 km-42 m-0.6%
Float on up into the town1.01 km8 m0.5%
Ballinasloe to Cappataggle hill13.78 km81 m0.6%
Point to Point ( Ballinasloe Loughrea )25.22 km78 m0.2%
Aughrim to Kilreekil SS 15km TT14.95 km69 m0.2%
R446 Climb1.06 km88 m8.2%
Cappy Cross to Heathlawn Hill2.13 km24 m1.1%
Cappataggle to Kilreekil5.40 km-54 m-0.6%
Cappy X to Loughrea12.50 km-59 m-0.1%
Kilreekil to Finish1.70 km-10 m-0.2%
Kilmeen cross to roundabout3.09 km31 m1.0%
This is where the drag starts.1.37 km15 m0.8%
Loughrea Bypass3.63 km-27 m-0.7%
Loughrea bypass east side1.77 km-25 m-1.4%
The Man with the Red Face1.62 km12 m0.1%
GTC 14k TT Route - Loughrea Roundabout to Finish6.44 km-30 m-0.4%
Women's TT - final 2k sprint2.44 km-15 m-0.5%
L X to C X8.46 km-49 m-0.6%
TT last 4k4.01 km-18 m-0.4%
Loughrea - Craughwell8.75 km-44 m-0.5%