Past Two Weeks

Heart of Gold

Cycling Route

55.12 mi
7,223 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey
May 29, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SWet Hill0.54 mi79 ft2.7%
HOG - Start to AS#19.14 mi-1,089 ft-1.2%
Rector -> Tyler Foote6.44 mi-778 ft-0.8%
Rector to the bridge2.89 mi-817 ft-5.3%
Down & Up Purdon5.33 mi-771 ft-1.0%
Purdon Rd Climb1.84 mi860 ft8.8%
Purdon North Gravel Climb1.47 mi732 ft9.4%
Mother Truckers to Ananda1.40 mi266 ft3.6%
Sages Road Climb0.41 mi269 ft12.3%
Lake City Road Climb0.49 mi266 ft10.2%
Chablis Way Climb1.01 mi299 ft5.6%
N Bloomfield Graniteville Rd Climb0.94 mi322 ft6.5%
HOG - AS#2 to AS#3 (Washington)11.73 mi-1,335 ft-1.0%
Total Relief11.22 mi-1,483 ft-0.8%
Total Relief10.87 mi-1,480 ft-0.9%
Relief Hill Rd Climb0.74 mi299 ft7.5%
Relief Hill Rd Climb0.78 mi361 ft8.7%
Relief DH -> Gaston7.69 mi-1,362 ft-3.0%
Relief DH3.93 mi-1,306 ft-6.3%
Washington -> Conservation camp13.23 mi1,732 ft1.9%
Washington Rd. Store to Hwy 205.43 mi1,696 ft5.9%
Washington Post Office to Hwy 205.35 mi1,680 ft5.9%
Washington Road Climb1.68 mi561 ft6.3%
Lookout -> Conservation Camp 6.82 mi-358 ft-1.0%
Skillman to 20@WC2.70 mi115 ft0.1%
Skillman to WC Intersection2.19 mi89 ft0.3%
Don't tame the root drops0.08 mi-39 ft-7.6%
Hoohah Hill0.05 mi-10 ft-2.3%
Short segment from camp1.44 mi-135 ft-1.4%
Pioneer Info sign to Conservation Rd3.57 mi-331 ft-1.8%
Sprint0.12 mi-43 ft-6.6%
GO0.68 mi-144 ft-3.5%
Missouri Bar DH Section0.29 mi-59 ft-3.8%
Casci to Conservation DH1.26 mi-118 ft-1.7%
Conservation to Cooper1.77 mi-285 ft-3.0%
Cooper Road Descent 1.84 mi-741 ft-7.6%
Cooper Rollers Westbound1.52 mi-121 ft-0.6%