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Running Route

10.94 km
158 m
Created By
Luke Merrett

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
ladies mile to julian road effort0.40 km-6 m-1.6%
Straight Sprint - Top of Downs0.58 km-6 m-1.0%
Circular south-eastward0.68 km6 m0.9%
Circular Rd Climb0.43 km48 m10.9%
Circular Rd Climb0.49 km62 m12.5%
Down the Gully0.26 km-58 m-22.2%
Jax 071.64 km46 m0.5%
Portway lamposts0.15 km-5 m-3.4%
Portway Climb0.35 km41 m11.6%
Brunel Way to top of Nightengale2.08 km101 m4.8%
Brunel Way to Suspension Bridge Dash0.99 km50 m5.0%
Rownham Hill Climb0.88 km46 m5.2%
burwalls path to nightingale0.89 km22 m2.4%
Troll Cave to Poo Corner0.19 km-25 m-12.3%
Abbots Leigh Rd Climb0.94 km75 m7.9%
Nightingale path climb0.84 km71 m8.5%
Nightingale Valley0.85 km87 m10.2%
Nightingale Valley way Up (with good GPS finish)0.80 km64 m7.9%
Nightingale Valley Ascent0.85 km86 m10.1%
Nightingale Valley Official0.78 km83 m10.6%
Nightingale upwards0.79 km86 m10.7%
THE STRUGGLE0.79 km87 m11.0%
nightingale step0.61 km23 m3.7%
nightingale to the bridge0.84 km-20 m-2.0%
Clifton Suspension Bridge - inbound (gate to gate)0.35 km-39 m-4.3%
Inbound Clifton Suspension Bridge - Running0.20 km-31 m-9.6%
single track bridge sprint0.09 km-12 m-9.4%
single track bridge sprint0.09 km-12 m-9.4%
Bridge to Bridge Valley1.05 km39 m1.0%
Up to the Observatory0.12 km18 m14.7%
down the avenue from obs0.54 km25 m3.0%
Kick The Bar0.45 km-12 m-2.0%
Ladies Mile hill0.19 km14 m7.2%
Ladies Mile south up0.52 km4 m0.7%
Ladies kilometre0.94 km10 m0.9%
Ladies not quite a mile1.01 km9 m0.8%
Ladies 800m uphill0.77 km6 m0.5%
Ladies Mile north up0.43 km5 m1.1%