Past Two Weeks

Eldorado Trail ElliptiGO Day

Cycling Route

26.21 mi
1,667 ft
Created By
Jim Cremer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
EDT East to MF2.27 mi203 ft1.7%
EDT East part 10.94 mi102 ft1.9%
EDT East part 20.46 mi66 ft2.2%
EDT East part 30.81 mi79 ft1.4%
Forni Rd to Missouri Flat Tracks0.83 mi75 ft1.1%
The Bridge0.12 mi98 ft12.0%
Weber Creek Bridge east to end of pavement8.69 mi1,027 ft2.2%
El Dorado Trail #31.52 mi141 ft1.7%
ELDO East - Ray Lawer to Forni0.75 mi-33 ft-0.8%
Rippin' The Strip0.23 mi23 ft1.9%
Bedford to the end6.24 mi955 ft2.9%
El Dorado Trail #21.89 mi315 ft3.2%
El Dorado Trail East to End of Pavement4.55 mi732 ft3.0%
ELDO Mosquito Rd to End of Pavement4.57 mi745 ft3.1%
EDT Mosquito Rd to NEW end of Pavement5.39 mi879 ft3.1%
Eldo Mosquito to end of new pavement5.37 mi823 ft2.9%
El Dorado Tunnel to Smith Flat Jct.1.55 mi236 ft2.9%
new ELDO trail #13.61 mi561 ft2.9%
EDT : Parking Lot to Overpass0.76 mi167 ft4.2%
El Dorado Trail #12.48 mi407 ft3.1%
Turkey trot trail1.02 mi240 ft3.0%
Entire Paved El Dorado Trail Westbound 202013.01 mi-1,211 ft-1.8%
El Dorado Trail #1 DH4.37 mi-699 ft-3.0%
El D Trail DH1.37 mi-223 ft-3.1%
ELDO West - Forni to Ray Lawer0.75 mi36 ft0.9%
Jail Trail2.65 mi-223 ft-0.6%
Bridge West0.20 mi13 ft1.1%
Red's Roller Coaster1.41 mi-151 ft-1.9%