Past Two Weeks


Cycling Route

119.99 mi
10,330 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
I am a Starr3.24 mi-79 ft-0.3%
Wohler Slap0.20 mi46 ft4.3%
Westside-Wohler to Hacienda2.98 mi79 ft0.1%
Cazadero Highway to Cazadero6.01 mi66 ft0.2%
King Ridge - Complete16.19 mi1,624 ft1.2%
Cazadero1.14 mi85 ft1.3%
Cazadero-Skaggs to Dam53.57 mi2,005 ft0.0%
Initial King Ridge Climb5.32 mi945 ft3.4%
King Ridge Bearpen Bridge to 1st Ridge5.38 mi1,312 ft4.6%
King Ridge Rd Climb0.55 mi223 ft7.6%
1st climb- King Ridge1.24 mi705 ft10.7%
King Ridge - Main Climb6.67 mi1,322 ft3.8%
King Ridge Rd Climb0.98 mi292 ft5.6%
2nd Climb Kings Ridge0.75 mi371 ft9.2%
King Ridge (final climb from Caz)0.95 mi240 ft4.4%
King RidgeSketchy Cattle Guard Descent3.59 mi-669 ft-3.5%
Cattle Guard!!!1.93 mi-413 ft-4.0%
Poff DH0.89 mi-367 ft-7.8%
King Ridge hill to Tin Barn1.13 mi213 ft3.5%
Tin Barn-Rancheria6.63 mi486 ft0.2%
part of tin barn2.62 mi272 ft1.3%
Tin Barn gradual climb2.11 mi354 ft3.1%
Kashia DH - Eastbound1.24 mi-860 ft-12.6%
Skaggs Rancheria-Dam East31.56 mi-1,969 ft-0.5%
Skaggs Just the Canyon11.33 mi-804 ft-0.8%
Platform Bridge TT14.52 mi1,768 ft2.2%
Skaggs TT 11.08 mi1,611 ft2.7%
Skaggs Springs Rd Climb0.98 mi404 ft7.7%
Skaggs Springs Category 2 Climb4.29 mi1,463 ft6.4%
Skaggs - all the steep parts16.88 mi1,558 ft0.6%
skaggs 3 steep part1.28 mi479 ft6.8%
Bridge to parking lot10.48 mi-1,398 ft-0.4%
Skaggs stinger1.45 mi646 ft8.4%
Skaggs Springs Rd Climb0.79 mi338 ft8.0%
Skaggs Springs Rd Climb1.17 mi587 ft9.5%
Sweet Skaggs Descent3.13 mi-1,138 ft-6.6%
Skaggs Brass Knuckle Final1.81 mi184 ft1.6%
Skaggs Springs descent1.42 mi-476 ft-6.4%
Skaggs Last Descent to Dam Visitor's Center2.88 mi-784 ft-5.2%
fun Dam downhill1.60 mi-344 ft-4.1%
NB Dutcher just the hill0.52 mi135 ft4.8%
Theresa to Washington1.50 mi105 ft0.8%
Asti to Washington0.39 mi69 ft3.3%
Red Winery ----> Pitts0.30 mi-16 ft-1.1%
Chalk Hill (128 to summit)4.90 mi253 ft0.5%
Chalk Hill SB Chateau to Pleasant5.29 mi-318 ft-0.3%
Chalk Hill Sth Peak to Peak2.38 mi312 ft1.7%
Chalk Hill Road0.82 mi240 ft5.5%
Chalk Hill SB climb - meat and potatoes0.42 mi171 ft7.6%
Pleasant - Chalk Hill to ORH0.99 mi-33 ft-0.6%