Old Goulais Bay Road (without extension)

Cycling Route

55.8 km
504 m
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Jack P
August 18, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Old Goulais Bay Rd - 3rd to 4th Line1.47 km20 m1.3%
SCC Dirty Dozen Old Goulais Bay3.15 km65 m2.0%
Old Goulais Bay from 4th Line to 5th LIne1.61 km44 m2.7%
Old Goulais extra value2.32 km64 m2.7%
Clock to Bell6.42 km-16 m-0.2%
552 Hill5.33 km138 m2.6%
Goulais Hill4.52 km159 m3.5%
3 mile grade (only the hill) 4.75 km131 m2.7%
Sixth L Bridge to Ice cream shop2.07 km-29 m-0.9%
Landslide Downhill2.37 km-89 m-3.7%
SCC Dirty Dozen Old Garden River2.46 km47 m1.9%
Old Garden River Climb1.84 km33 m1.7%
The Real OG2.28 km40 m1.7%