D4P 04 Hunters Camp / Willow Creek

Cycling Route

20.13 mi
3,571 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Coleman Valley climb to Willow Creek Rd1.51 mi479 ft6.0%
Coleman Valley Rd Climb1.05 mi-1,093 ft-0.0%
Coleman Valley Road (first climb)0.71 mi328 ft8.7%
Coleman Willow1.48 mi482 ft6.1%
Coleman Valley to Timber Ln1.03 mi394 ft7.2%
Coleman repeats segment0.42 mi207 ft9.2%
Connector Down Gate to Gate3.50 mi-784 ft-4.2%
Hunters Camp Gate to Connector1.27 mi-338 ft-5.0%
Creekside Connector Downflow0.93 mi-407 ft-8.3%
creekside cut down> through cut down giants to gate2.17 mi-433 ft-3.8%
Lower Old Barn Trail Climb1.42 mi781 ft10.3%
Lower Barn Complete Climb1.45 mi761 ft9.9%
Lower Barn to Intersection1.35 mi732 ft10.2%
Full Monty DH1.14 mi-843 ft-14.0%
Full Monty DH1.14 mi-843 ft-14.0%
Lower Old Barn Trail Climb1.44 mi896 ft11.7%
The Freezeout Ballbreaker0.87 mi591 ft12.9%
Old Barn Climb (base to summit, accurate)1.26 mi817 ft12.2%
Islands in the Sky: Freezeout to Sound of Music0.94 mi561 ft11.2%
Old barn classic dh0.69 mi-305 ft-8.2%
05/10/10 Bodega Bay, CA1.50 mi433 ft5.4%
Upper Barn Trailhead to Willow Creek Upper Roadblock2.44 mi650 ft5.0%
05/12/10 Jenner, CA1.03 mi305 ft5.5%
The Other Sisters...0.14 mi95 ft12.6%
The Evil Sisters0.21 mi66 ft5.4%
Willow Creek Parking to Coleman Valley1.75 mi-240 ft-1.9%
Willow Creek Road to Occidental Stop Sign1.43 mi-453 ft-5.9%