Cycling Route

26.33 mi
1,525 ft
Uttoxeter Cycling Club Training Route Four Reverse
Created By
Duncan Parsonage |

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Uttoxeter Roundabout to Spath Roundabout0.90 mi26 ft0.3%
TR4R - 201824.19 mi554 ft0.0%
Spath to Crakemarsh Sprint0.40 mi-13 ft-0.6%
Uttoxeter to Cheadle9.84 mi564 ft0.5%
Dove Way to JCB2.57 mi-20 ft-0.0%
Woodseat Level Sprint0.68 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Between the two roundabouts0.31 mi13 ft0.5%
Up Denstone Lane1.60 mi197 ft2.3%
Denstone to Threapwood4.00 mi358 ft1.6%
Alton to Threapwood1.79 mi184 ft1.7%
Alton rollers0.66 mi128 ft3.6%
Alton to Cheadle3.07 mi292 ft0.2%
Threapwood Bank - Up0.31 mi102 ft6.1%
Threapwood to Cheadle1.29 mi-256 ft-2.0%
Ashbourne Road Descent1.25 mi-318 ft-4.8%
Freehay to Cheadle0.73 mi-161 ft-4.1%
Lampy to bridge0.24 mi23 ft1.7%
Up Town0.35 mi39 ft2.1%
Pugin's Sprint0.19 mi23 ft2.2%
Manor to Huntsman0.63 mi-112 ft-2.1%
Brookhouse to Boundary1.01 mi230 ft4.3%
Boundary climb part 10.44 mi95 ft4.1%
Forsebrook Sprint0.21 mi16 ft0.0%
Blythe to Tean3.14 mi-161 ft-0.8%
Blythe Sprint0.45 mi16 ft0.3%
Blythe to Draycott Arms1.44 mi36 ft0.2%
Trevs to DORK0.61 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Uttoxeter Rd to Cresswell Rd0.81 mi-30 ft-0.5%
Draycott Old Rd to Cheadle Rd0.44 mi20 ft0.4%
Draycott Old Rd to Cresswell Rd0.18 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Creswell Rd to Cheadle Rd0.21 mi20 ft1.0%
I go dancing on the ceiling sometimes.0.17 mi46 ft5.1%
Cheadle Rd to Breach Ln0.65 mi23 ft0.6%
Cheadle Rd to Cresswell Old Rd0.32 mi16 ft0.0%
Draycott Arms to White Hart1.59 mi-154 ft-1.7%
Draycott - Beamhurst5.85 mi-292 ft-0.9%
Cresswell Old Rd to Breach Ln0.29 mi16 ft1.0%
Tean sprint0.99 mi-154 ft-3.0%
Tean straight0.27 mi-43 ft-2.6%
the props mile 1.20 mi-20 ft-0.3%
Tean to Beamhurst4.25 mi-118 ft-0.5%
Tean to Fole2.61 mi-69 ft-0.3%
Tean to Tox5.37 mi-148 ft-0.4%
Killer Hill1.12 mi-26 ft-0.2%
New Broom to Fole Dairy0.60 mi-39 ft-1.2%
Fole Sprint0.09 mi16 ft3.0%
Fole Sprint Climb0.15 mi43 ft5.0%
scetion 2 tean tt1.66 mi79 ft0.9%
Up & Over0.29 mi30 ft1.8%
Fox's to cycle shop0.26 mi16 ft0.9%