Past Week

North End Hill Loop

Cycling Route

25.86 mi
1,522 ft
Nice ride into the hills of Shoreline with BGT alternatives.
Created By
Terry Buchanan

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Water 2 Water. 1.44 mi194 ft1.9%
Stone Way0.88 mi187 ft4.0%
Stone Way to 39th0.36 mi69 ft3.6%
Stone Way 35th-43rd0.81 mi157 ft3.3%
Greenlake 50th to Ravenna1.31 mi-33 ft-0.3%
East Green Lake Way N., W. Greenlake Wy to 64th0.37 mi3 ft0.1%
Ravenna Park Dash0.28 mi121 ft3.3%
65th to 80th0.57 mi52 ft1.7%
Secret DH0.29 mi-154 ft-9.9%
Matthews beach to lakeside1.46 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Burke Gillman newly paved section North to 165th1.06 mi10 ft0.1%
Pfingst0.37 mi39 ft2.0%
Perkins & 25th NE Climb2.81 mi423 ft2.8%
25th Ave Sprint sb1.04 mi-121 ft-2.2%
th Avenue Northeast Climb0.39 mi331 ft16.0%
Ravenna uncut0.91 mi144 ft3.0%
Ravenna Climb1.46 mi164 ft2.1%
Ravenna Climb (North side)0.74 mi125 ft3.2%
East Green Lake Way sb1.35 mi30 ft0.3%
50th to 45th on Stone0.26 mi20 ft1.2%
Down Stone0.78 mi-194 ft-4.7%