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Past Two Weeks
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Salt To Saint Relay 2022, Complete Route

Cycling Route

429.49 mi
14,763 ft
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September 14, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Emi to Crestview sprint0.16 mi39 ft3.7%
Emigration to Clinic - BST2.40 mi-157 ft-0.6%
3rd Climb4.05 mi-171 ft-0.0%
Pothole Sprint0.38 mi-66 ft-3.3%
13th south to Mt. Olympus sign7.15 mi180 ft0.0%
The Belt of Mr. Parley1.27 mi92 ft0.4%
Foothill to Wasatch1.06 mi144 ft1.6%
Parley's Xing So. Hill Sprint0.34 mi131 ft7.2%
Wasatch blvd. (Parley's to Gun Club Rd. overlook )2.41 mi-82 ft-0.0%
Wasatch Blvd5.03 mi-161 ft-0.3%
Wasatch from 3900 South4.11 mi-174 ft-0.2%
4500 S to park n' ride2.87 mi-98 ft-0.3%
4500 S to Mt. Olympus TH 1.36 mi-102 ft-1.3%
Gravel pit south to mouth of Big 0.97 mi75 ft1.3%
Wasatch - BCC to LCC (South)3.36 mi302 ft1.7%
Sev Gut Check*0.66 mi167 ft4.5%
Golden Hills Park to Hidden Valley Park4.68 mi190 ft0.2%
Out of the graben0.27 mi102 ft7.2%
LLC Wasatch Down3.49 mi-377 ft-2.0%
P-Wood to 17th East 3.35 mi-463 ft-2.2%
wasatch speed bump (the actual bump)0.36 mi89 ft4.5%
Wasatch Tuck N' TT1.65 mi-400 ft-4.5%
Pioneer Climb (17th to 20th)0.44 mi98 ft4.2%
Highland's Vestry Road Bailout1.45 mi125 ft1.6%
Highland (Rambling Rd to Slurpee)1.76 mi151 ft1.5%
Suncrest (North Side)3.45 mi1,178 ft6.5%
Salt To Saint Relay Suncrest KOM3.42 mi1,132 ft6.3%
Suncrest N (Chevron to Mike Weir)1.27 mi312 ft4.6%
First Half Traverse1.57 mi499 ft6.0%
Suncrest Climb North Maple Park Court1.74 mi709 ft7.7%
N Sunny C0.70 mi361 ft9.7%
Suncrest Little Valley to flat0.89 mi453 ft9.6%
Steep0.28 mi161 ft10.6%
So. Suncrest full descent to Timp Hwy4.96 mi-1,227 ft-4.7%
Suncrest Descent just before split to 118003.14 mi-958 ft-5.8%
JK - Beat the Cars0.26 mi-13 ft-0.6%
The Kicker0.80 mi118 ft2.8%
2100 N to 731.71 mi-135 ft-1.4%
Pioneer Crossing to Saratoga Springs entrance1.96 mi30 ft0.3%
Salt to Saint Leg 418.18 mi154 ft0.1%
Goshen Canyon3.31 mi276 ft1.6%
Mona to Nephi7.37 mi177 ft0.5%
U.S. 89 Climb1.13 mi272 ft4.5%
700 S - 3000 S Airport 1.60 mi-30 ft-0.3%
The real "full descent"1.29 mi-338 ft-4.9%
LV to WV3.62 mi-184 ft-0.5%
edit2.83 mi89 ft0.4%
Warner to I-159.87 mi-266 ft-0.4%
2.22.24 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Pioneer & Sun River to Sugar Leo0.94 mi-69 ft-1.3%