TAC to Jindy Rtn

Cycling Route

69.71 km
1,367 m
Created By
Sue Bishop
September 18, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Don't get hit by cars0.89 km28 m-3.1%
Corner to F Flat1.11 km9 m-0.8%
226 Camp Time Trail32.41 km422 m-1.2%
Friday Dr hill onto Alpine0.40 km24 m5.8%
Thredbo entrance to Ski tube entrance13.81 km252 m-1.8%
Thredbo to Lake Crackenback Resort14.39 km253 m-1.6%
Thredbo to Kosciuszko Road / Lake Jindy30.73 km430 m-1.4%
Thredbo to Jindabyne32.57 km459 m-1.4%
Alpine Way Climb1.24 km82 m6.6%
Ski Tube Climb2.36 km122 m5.2%
Alpine Way Climb0.73 km87 m11.7%
* Nuts Crackenback downhill11.13 km291 m-2.5%
Please keep hands inside the vehicle10.41 km246 m-2.4%
Balls Out Alpine Style0.38 km32 m-8.4%
zoom, zoom froome0.34 km7 m-2.0%
on Froomes wheel2.65 km33 m-0.2%
Alpine Way near Paddy Pallin1.17 km52 m4.1%
Descent to Jindabyne1.60 km105 m-6.5%
Jindy to Thredbo32.57 km447 m1.3%
Snowline climb1.73 km115 m6.6%
Alpine Way to Thredbo30.92 km432 m1.4%
Alpine Way climb 1 0.64 km51 m8.0%
RBCC Alpine Way 1st Climb1.40 km104 m7.4%
RBCC Alpine Way 1st Climb1.40 km104 m7.4%
Ivo's Hill - Wild Brumby Distillery to Ivo's Farm5.06 km225 m4.4%
Alpine Way Climb0.99 km119 m12.0%
Lot 5 Alpine Way Climb2.38 km165 m6.9%
Lot 5 Alpine Way Climb0.51 km132 m25.5%
Boundary Power Riders16.99 km234 m0.5%
Lake Crackenback Resort to Thredbo14.54 km233 m1.5%
Ski Tube to Top of Village14.40 km253 m1.8%
Alpine Way Toll Gate to Thredbo12.95 km238 m1.7%
Park Bikes Royal Potato Cup11.46 km187 m1.6%
Diggings to Thredbo turnoff11.33 km208 m1.6%
Park Bikes 201511.31 km204 m1.5%
Diggins to Ngarigo Climb1.94 km73 m3.8%
Alpine Way - final climb to Thredbo Village3.11 km105 m3.4%
Thredbo gate to gate1.31 km49 m3.3%