Jindy to Charlotte Rtn

Cycling Route

76.08 km
1,722 m
Created By
Sue Bishop
September 18, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jindabyne Discovery Park to pumpimg station9.28 km211 m2.2%
forest view up kosciuszko2.41 km84 m3.4%
Candyman can2.07 km66 m2.2%
Kosciuszko Rd to Eyre T-Bar23.42 km810 m3.3%
Thredbo River to Perisher23.19 km820 m3.5%
Charlottes Pass first ascent13.12 km673 m5.1%
Thredbo River to Charlotte Pass32.26 km920 m2.8%
Col de Kosciuszko22.68 km824 m3.6%
Toll Gate Punch4.87 km253 m5.2%
Charlotte Pass32.27 km904 m2.8%
Rennix Gap12.98 km671 m5.2%
Etape Australia - 2nd KOM22.67 km812 m3.5%
Waste Point Rd Climb1.82 km100 m5.5%
To the water tower2.97 km188 m6.3%
Lot 8 Kosciuszko Rd Climb2.29 km137 m6.0%
toll gates to charlottes27.30 km640 m2.3%
Ranger statation to Rennix Gap7.92 km400 m5.0%
Lot 15 Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.40 km107 m7.6%
Lot 8 Kosciuszko Rd Climb0.91 km62 m6.9%
Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.70 km105 m6.2%
Perisher part II9.22 km231 m1.4%
Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.97 km144 m7.3%
the final6.55 km163 m1.0%
Lot 209 Kosciuszko Rd Climb0.66 km49 m7.4%
Lot 5 Kosciuszko Rd Climb2.13 km108 m5.1%
Lot 5 Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.26 km82 m6.5%
Smiggins to Perisher Car Park1.52 km53 m2.7%
Perisher to Charlottes8.86 km117 m1.3%
HATTT Championships17.69 km127 m-0.0%
Lot 1 Kosciuszko Rd Climb2.03 km82 m4.0%
Lot 261 Kosciuszko Rd Climb0.93 km43 m4.6%
Final ascent of Charlottes6.38 km105 m0.5%
SBR - CP - Section 5 - The final ascent2.92 km103 m3.5%
Lot 6 Kosciuszko Rd Climb0.95 km56 m5.9%
Charlottes Pass to where it gets fast18.88 km336 m-1.2%
Charlottes Pass to Smiggins Holes10.71 km171 m-1.6%
Charlotte's Pass to Betts Creek4.80 km108 m-2.0%
Lot 1 Kosciuszko Road Climb1.42 km81 m5.7%
Lot 1 Kosciuszko Rd Climb0.71 km42 m5.9%
perisher gap to perisher valley2.38 km82 m-3.4%
Perisher to Pipers Gap0.95 km20 m2.1%
Perisher to Thredbo River23.27 km810 m-3.4%
Perisher Carpark to Smiggins1.48 km66 m-3.6%
Pipers Gap to Wragges Creek (downhill)4.06 km152 m-3.7%
Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.37 km82 m6.0%
Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.24 km99 m8.0%
Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.26 km84 m6.6%
Final descent to Thredbo River13.05 km640 m-4.9%
Lot 2 Kosciuszko Rd Climb1.45 km83 m5.7%
Hillman to caravan4.14 km81 m-1.9%