Tom Groggin

Cycling Route

45.63 km
1,521 m
Created By
Sue Bishop
September 18, 2021·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Thredbo to Great Divide 1580m4.71 km166 m3.5%
Alpine Way top gate to DHG3.39 km159 m4.7%
Dead Horse Gap finale0.40 km38 m9.5%
Dead Horse to Tom Groggin Camp17.84 km1,062 m-6.0%
Alpine Way Descent A (Dead Horse Gap to Leather Barrel)10.59 km582 m-5.4%
DHG TG Downhill17.59 km1,049 m-6.0%
Alpine Descent to Leather Barrel Ck8.90 km573 m-6.4%
Siberia to Leatherbarrel7.99 km541 m-6.8%
Leather Barrel Pimple0.84 km57 m6.7%
OLD VERSION - Leather Barrel Pimple0.85 km58 m6.8%
Alpine Way descent B (Leatherbarrel to Snowy Ck)6.66 km502 m-7.5%
Alpine Way 1st Half (Snowy Ck to Leather Barrel Ck)6.13 km489 m7.9%
Tom Groggin to Dead Horse Gap18.12 km1,069 m5.9%
Snowy Ck to Dead Horse Gap**18.00 km1,050 m5.8%
Tom Groggin to Siberia15.44 km1,029 m6.7%
Alpine Way climb (Snowy Ck to Dead Horse Gap)17.76 km1,058 m6.0%
I Want an E-Bike17.47 km999 m5.7%
I Want an E-Bike17.47 km999 m5.7%
I Want an E-Bike17.47 km999 m5.7%
Alpine Way Climb DHG Tom Groggins15.20 km1,040 m6.8%
#RBCC Tom Groggin 2 Dead Horse Gap15.24 km960 m6.0%
Alpine Way Climb0.66 km109 m16.4%
Round the block Epic aproach to Leather Barrel creekl3.43 km413 m12.0%
ER Dead horse gap15.67 km925 m5.9%
Alpine Way Climb1.16 km98 m8.4%
Alpine Way Climb1.35 km213 m15.8%
Alpine Way Climb1.36 km141 m10.4%
Alpine Way 2nd half (Leather Barrel to Dead Horse Gap)10.36 km564 m5.4%
Leatherbarrel to Siberia Everesting8.08 km553 m6.8%
Zoo2Zoo KOM10.15 km585 m5.8%
Alpine Way Climb0.61 km80 m13.0%
Leather Barrel Ck to Pilot Lookout5.60 km419 m7.4%
Leather Barrel to Great Divide Sign 1585m9.56 km557 m5.6%
Alpine Way Climb2.14 km209 m9.7%
Alpine Way Switchbacks5.47 km345 m6.3%
Alpine Way Climb1.34 km91 m6.7%
3L Spring Climb6.14 km241 m3.9%
The Wattles to Dead Horse Gap6.24 km249 m4.0%
Dead Horse Gap sprint for the summit1.76 km45 m0.7%
Alpine Way Climb1.13 km90 m7.9%
DHG to THredbo4.74 km158 m-3.3%
Cascade Track Carpark to Thredbo4.04 km124 m-2.9%