Toad2Toad Uprun (Lakeside to Noordhoek)

Running Route

14.67 km
598 m
Feel free to try out the Toad2Toad challenge, with free beers waiting for you at the end, and a chance to win monthly prizes for fastest times and more.
Created By
The Toad

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Toad 2 Toad trail14.54 km446 m0.2%
Boyes Drive Climb from Main Road to the top of the hill 1.05 km53 m5.0%
Crossroads Demon1.20 km382 m31.6%
Lynx Close Climb1.08 km347 m31.9%
St James junction to Mberg Cave0.53 km-21 m-2.7%
Cave Drop 0.21 km-28 m-13.2%
Dropping Down to the River1.05 km-125 m-11.9%
Silvermine Climb0.76 km47 m6.1%