Back of Mine

Cycling Route

78.28 km
1,134 m
Created By
Ben M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Legs should be getting warm by now nearly at starting point2.28 km17 m0.6%
Little climb towards James Sheahan 0.71 km13 m1.7%
Huntley Road Climb0.74 km94 m12.7%
Cadia Rd to Flyers Creek40.45 km-387 m-0.5%
Climb to hospital0.70 km11 m1.5%
Ballykeane Lane to Orchard Road Burn7.09 km54 m0.6%
Start of Four Mile Creek Rd Climb1.77 km47 m1.9%
Four Mile Creek Downhill4.83 km-180 m-3.7%
Lot 1 Four Mile Creek Rd Climb1.70 km112 m6.6%
Four Mile Creek Long Downhill10.43 km-291 m-2.7%
Start of Panuara Road Climb1.60 km85 m4.7%
Panuara Road Downhill1.24 km-74 m-5.6%
Panuara Road Downhill 20.66 km-55 m-6.4%
Panuara Rd Climb (back of Cadia tailings)1.38 km84 m6.1%
Flyers Ck to Forest Reefs 50k sign10.92 km280 m2.4%
OCC Flyers Creek Hill Climb TT - New Course 2012+11.25 km273 m2.3%
Piggery Hill Climb7.59 km272 m3.6%
OCC Flyers Creek Hill Climb TT - 201110.93 km280 m2.4%
Errowanbang Pinches7.13 km261 m3.7%
Beneree Flyers Creek Rd (Pinch - Old shearing shed)0.48 km48 m9.9%
NOC - the nasty pinch0.30 km43 m14.3%
Errowanbang Rd Climb3.79 km178 m4.7%
NOC - the worst of it0.99 km93 m9.4%
Beneree Climb2.64 km58 m1.6%
Tavern - Orchard Rd - South - North7.50 km23 m0.2%
Forest Reefs to Orange18.44 km-79 m-0.3%
Forest Road - Orchard Rd to Cadia Rd7.63 km-54 m-0.6%
Gosling Creek to Cadia Rd Rise0.42 km8 m1.4%
Cadia Road to 50k sign2.69 km-31 m-1.2%
Cadia Road to 50k sign2.69 km-31 m-1.2%
Southern Feeder Road First Bit More To Come0.49 km16 m2.7%
Southern Distributer Rise0.38 km14 m3.0%
Gardiner Road Hillclimb0.32 km10 m3.2%