Cycling Route

69.86 mi
8,662 ft
Created By
Joel Day

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
South Holston Dam Descent0.90 mi-200 ft-4.2%
Dam Rd. to Beidleman Rd. Stop sign1.08 mi-98 ft-0.2%
Big Creek Rd Climb0.97 mi351 ft6.8%
Holston Mtn. North End-S to N, Gravelly6.48 mi-597 ft-0.8%
Holston Mtn. North End-S to N, Pavement6.68 mi433 ft0.7%
camp tom howard rd1.55 mi364 ft4.4%
Camp Climb1.81 mi381 ft4.0%
Harr No 3 Rd Climb1.00 mi292 ft5.4%
Wyatt Climb3.17 mi850 ft5.1%
Drake descent1.11 mi-456 ft-7.6%
Harr climb3.39 mi1,332 ft7.4%
McQueen's to Shady-descent2.42 mi-997 ft-7.8%
Harr descent2.79 mi-1,060 ft-7.1%
Winchester climb1.54 mi233 ft2.8%
421 > north 1.81 mi568 ft5.9%
Holston Mountain North Side Descent to Denton's Valley Rd3.74 mi-1,129 ft-5.7%
big creek0.99 mi217 ft4.1%
Old Flatwoods Road East to West3.37 mi-285 ft-0.9%
Big Creek to Flatwoods Connector Climb0.77 mi302 ft7.4%
Elementary Climb0.67 mi125 ft3.5%
Valley Stretch1.35 mi69 ft1.0%
Holston Dam Climb0.98 mi226 ft4.1%
South Holston Dam Climb0.80 mi194 ft4.6%
Holston Dam Corrected0.82 mi200 ft4.6%