Past Two Weeks

DCV Seaham

Cycling Route

79.66 km
1,062 m
Created By
Peter S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Descent to the library1.69 km-25 m-1.3%
Billy B & Beyond0.31 km3 m0.6%
Too the bridge!!0.93 km-35 m-3.3%
Finish It0.72 km-5 m-0.6%
A688 small climb0.95 km21 m2.0%
Roundabout to speedbumps2.04 km85 m3.8%
Steep bit0.54 km47 m8.7%
Quarrington Hill - HC0.85 km57 m6.7%
Quarrington HC Finishing Stretch0.39 km19 m4.9%
The Old Byre0.20 km11 m5.5%
Coxhoe-Trimdon Climb1.56 km63 m4.0%
Coxhoe bottom to Trimdon climb3.81 km74 m1.9%
Trimdon Back Way0.81 km40 m4.9%
Eastbound into Trimdon Village2.04 km25 m1.2%
The Reverse Hind Leg5.67 km-37 m-0.0%
Trimdon to Colliery2.03 km27 m0.4%
Out ya Saddle0.30 km11 m3.6%
Deaf Hill to Station Town2.85 km-18 m-0.3%
Deaf Hill0.28 km9 m3.4%
Town Sign Sprint: Station Town B12800.10 km-1 m-1.1%
Wingate to the Rail Crossing0.53 km7 m0.8%
The Wingate wall1.49 km30 m2.0%
school to roundabout0.84 km19 m1.9%
Are you kidding Turnbull0.57 km9 m0.9%
Edderacres Burn Northbound (Road)0.21 km8 m3.8%
Town Sign Sprint: Shotton Colliery B1280 (NBound)0.24 km3 m0.4%
Salters Ln beck climb0.49 km12 m2.2%
Boxing glove dash0.30 km5 m1.8%
Durham Lane North Full2.91 km-23 m-0.6%
Short Climb - Seaside Lane0.43 km9 m2.1%
Seaside Lane to mini roundabout1.56 km48 m2.5%
Dalton-le-Dale Climb Northbound0.53 km23 m4.2%
From the prom to the car park0.38 km16 m4.1%
Byrons Climb Short0.33 km11 m3.4%
Lord Byron to the hill1.10 km15 m1.4%
Climb to Windmills1.04 km17 m1.6%
Croft to Houghton Dash1.98 km-40 m-1.6%
Rainton Meadows to East Rainton Climb0.87 km42 m4.8%
East rainton back climb 1.65 km50 m2.8%
A690toa6902.77 km33 m0.6%
Short stay 0.66 km3 m0.1%
Blacksmiths to village2.08 km19 m0.3%
Lady piece lane climb 0.66 km15 m2.2%
Sherburn mill dash 0.44 km8 m1.9%
grand view n1.29 km11 m0.0%
Past the bash0.55 km11 m1.2%
Lights to Maiden Castle1.16 km20 m1.6%
Maiden Castle Climb0.34 km36 m10.5%
Bishops way 0.34 km22 m3.9%
Science site to hill colleges0.50 km19 m3.3%